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The TDF Costume Collection A Silent Movie

We could give you a lengthy description of Theatre Development Fund’s Costume Collection, but wouldn’t you rather watch an action-packed movie about a distraught costume designer whose production is saved by the Collection’s offerings?

We thought so. But first, here’s a little background information to help you enjoy the film:

Whether you’re designing costumes for an Off-Broadway show or a high school production in Des Moines, the Theatre Development Fund’s Costume Collection is here to help you. The Collection provides non-profit organizations with low-cost rentals of professional costumes, many of which are donated by Broadway productions. Designers can rent costumes in person or take advantage of the Collection’s mail order service if they are working outside the New York area.

And now… on with the show!

(To see this film with closed captions, please go here.)

For more information, please contact the TDF Costume Collection at 212-989-5855