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3rd Annual undergroundzero festival

Off Off Broadway Performance Art — 

This is the current schedule but please check their website to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

See the schedule on their website

JULY 7-26 @

The undergroundzero festival is an experimental theater festival curated by Paul Bargetto and produced by East River Commedia in association with Collective:Unconscious. Now in its third year, the undergroundzero festival has given producing artists a laboratory outside the usual curatorial system where risk is encouraged and innovation can flourish. This year the undergroundzero festival will present a fascinating collection of over twenty experimental theater companies and artists at the legendary downtown performance venue Performance Space 122, July 7-26.

She of the Voice
July 7-10 @ 7:30pm
Adapted by Eliza Bent from Hari Kunzru & Directed by José Zayas
What’s the difference between a wise fool and crazy neighbour? Magda Mandela’s fellow citizens ponder this and more in an adaptation of award winning author Hari Kunzru’s free-wheeling exploration of human fellowship.

Tales from Bordertown (prologue)
July 7-10 @ 9:30pm
Presented by Wax Factory
Written & performed by Eric Dean Scott, Directed & Designed by Erika Latta
Let's get lost.  Downtown performer Eric Dean Scott follows a trail of dreams, poetry, jazz recollection, lost roads, New Orleans and the razor's edge…past shore, past time, past place….into bordertown.

July 8 & 10 @ 7pm, July 9 & 11 @ 9pm, July 12 @ 5pm
Presented by The South Wing Theater Company  
Written by Yukio Mishima's & Directed by Kameron Steele
A tale of passion that survives the grave, when nothing is left but an empty desire to possess and destroy.

The Jamal Lullabies
July 8 & 10 @ 9pm, July 9 & 11 @ 7pm, July 12 @ 2pm
Presented by East River Commedia
Written by Emily Conbere & Directed by Paul Bargetto
The Jamal Lullabies is a musical tribute and lament to Jamal Slims Hall, a beloved gang member, a soft-spoken lover, and a beautiful tired out addict.  

Selling Splitsville
July 11 & 18 @ 7:30pm, July 12 & 19 @ 5:30pm
Written & performed by Nora Woolley & Christine Witmer
TV shopping hosts Kath and Cheryl Marissa hawk speciality products for divorced families. Go from denial to acceptance in three easy instalments of $19.99.

Winter Journey
July 14, 15, & 18 @ 7:30pm, July 19 @ 2:30pm
Presented by Hoi Polloi
Written & directed by Alec Duffy
Hoi Polloi Artistic Director Alec Duffy probes his father's lifelong obsession with Schubert's late masterwork, the "Winterreise" song cycle.

Evanston: A Rare Comedy
July 14, 15, & 16 @ 9:30pm, July 17 @ 7:30pm
Presented by Wolf 359
Written & performed by Michael Yates Crowley, Directed by Michael Rau
A teenage girl disappears in deepest suburbia, and a meeting of the Evanston Women’s Book Club ends in blood.

un cirque de burlesque, un burlesque de cirque
July 15 & 19 @ 7pm, July 16, 17, & 18 @10pm
Presented by Pinchbottom Burlesque
Tickets are $20
Step into the world of Pinchbottom’s Pretençión: un cirque de burlesque, un burlesque de cirque -- but be careful not to trip on the magic.

July 15 @ 9:30pm, July 16, 17, & 18 @ 7pm, July 19 @ 5pm
Presented by Blessed Unrest
Written by Laura Wickens & Directed by Jessica Burr
Blessed Unrest, 2008 Innovative Theatre Award winner for Outstanding Play, presents an electrifying, contemporary adaptation of Chekhov's Ivanov.

The Misanthrope
July 16 & 19 @ 7:30pm, July 17 & 18 @ 9:30pm
Presented by Columbia University School of the Arts
Written by Moliere & Directed by Anna Brenner
An ensemble-created contemporary revisiting of Moliere’s classic social comedy told with austere passion and ecstatic frustration in music, movement, and verse.

Apocalypsis Cum Figuris and The Constant Prince
July 21, 22, & 24 @ 7:30pm, July 22 & 23 @ 9:30pm
Presented by NU Classic Theater
Written by Jerzy Grotowski & Directed by Niky Wolcz
NU Classic Theater presents Apocalypsis Cum Figuris and The Constant Prince, to commemorate Grotowski and his actors work; with poetry, a state of crisis, a biomechanics etude, and intense physicality.

The Consequences
July 22 & 25 at 7pm, July 23 & 25 @ 9pm, July 26 @ 2pm
Presented by terraNOVA Collective and Pace University
Book by Kyle Jarrow, Music & lyrics by Kyle Jarrow & Nathan Leigh
A new indie-rock musical from Kyle Jarrow and Nathan Leigh, the team behind Love Kills (NYMF), Big Money (Williamstown Theater Festival), and the rock band Super Mirage.

July 22 & 24 @ 9pm, July 23 & 25 @ 7pm, July 26 @ 5pm
Presented by Dangerous Ground
Conceived, designed & directed by Doris Mirescu
3! is a multimedia experiment inspired by Fassbinder’s 1979 film The Third Generation. Hybrid forms of performance subvert reality in an attempt to interrogate violence.

We Are Being Held
July 23, 25, & 26 @ 7:30pm, July 24 @ 9:30pm, July 25 @ 5:30pm
Presented by Coffee Cup (a theatre co.)
Written by Delaney Britt Brewer & Directed by Brad Krumholz
Awakened without his memory on the subway, one man’s past is conjured by two seemingly innocuous passengers who begin to unravel with him.

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Pricing information
$5.00 — $20.00
Prices subject to change.

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Theater Mania
(212) 352 - 3101
or visit website

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Opening date
July 7, 2009

Closing date
July 26, 2009
P.S. 122
150 1st Ave (E 8th & E 9th St)
New York, NY 10003
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  July 26, 2009 —  August 8, 2009

By subway
L to 1st Ave.