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Under the Radar

Off Broadway Play - Drama Regional Special —  A festival of new adventurous and contemporary productions from around the world. Get ready to catch the newest acts from Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Poland, U.K and the United States at The Public Theater and at different venues around New York at this intense and wildly diverse celebration of theater.

UNDER THE RADAR FESTIVAL 2010 from UTRFestival on Vimeo.

Complete Line-Up for UNDER THE RADAR (January 6 – 17, 2010):

American Document
January 6-17 (Running Time: 75 minutes)
SITI Company and the Martha Graham Company
Wed Jan 6 8pm |Thur Jan 7 1pm | Sat Jan 9 4pm | Sun Jan 10 7pm | Tues Jan 12 7pm | Wed Jan 13 7pm | Sat Jan 16 7pm | Sun Jan 17 7pm |

The Martha Graham Center has invited director Anne Bogart, playwright Charles L. Mee Jr. and the SITI Company to reinvent Martha Graham’s American Document using filmed excerpts, written descriptions and Graham’s handwritten notes. In several work-in-progress showings, catch a firsthand glimpse at this stirring new theatrical work featuring a ground-breaking collaboration between SITI Company actors and Martha Graham Company dancers. American Document reflects our current cultural concerns by answering the same questions Martha Graham asked over 70 years ago: What is an American? And what is America?

January 7-17 (Running Time: 75 minutes)
Created by The National Theater of the United States of America
Thur Jan 7 9:30pm | Sat Jan 9 7pm | Tues Jan 12 9:30pm | Thur Jan 14 9:30pm | Fri Jan 15 9:30pm | Sat Jan 16 9:30pm | Sun Jan 17 3pm |
Inspired by the wildly popular lecture circuits of the late 19th century, NTUSA’s Chautauqua! weaves lectures on history, culture and capitalism with live music, magic, slapstick, dance and melodrama, as it discovers the place of art and impulse in our changing culture of commerce.  Invested with the signature theatrical bravura that earned this company an OBIE award for Design and the Spalding Gray Award for theatrical innovation, each night’s Chautauqua! features special guest lecturers, performers and surprises in a celebration of the culture we all share and the moment in which we share it. Chautauqua! is also a featured presentation of Performance Space 122’s COIL.

John Cassavetes’ Husbands
January 6-17 (Running Time: 180 minutes with intermission)
Dangerous Ground Productions
Conceived, Designed and Directed by Doris Mirescu
Wed Jan 6 7pm | Thur Jan 7 8pm | Sat Jan 9 2pm | Sun Jan 10 7pm | Mon Jan 11 7pm | Wed Jan 13 7pm | Fri Jan 15 7pm | Sat Jan 16 2pm | Sun Jan 17 7pm |
Based on John Cassavetes’ 1970s film, Husbands depicts three men shaken up by the death of their friend and by their own imminent approach into middle age. They enter a freefall into emptiness and unrest in a four-day bender that follows the funeral. Anarchic and raw, the production is a surprisingly intimate exploration of the mysteries of friendship and masculinity.

Invisible Atom
January 7-17 (Running Time: 60 minutes)
2b theatre company (Canada)
Thur Jan 7 5:30pm | Fri Jan 8 9:30pm | Sat Jan 9 7pm | Sun Jan 10 2pm | Tues Jan 12 8:30pm | Thur Jan 14 9:30pm | Sat Jan 16 8:30pm | Sun Jan 17 4pm |
Time freezes and the normally reliable laws of motion and matter dissolve.  Poised between life and death, ex-stockbroker Atom contemplates his place in a world propelled towards its destruction by the laws of physics and free market economics. Visually striking and ingeniously minimalist, Invisible Atom is a darkly humorous story that questions the nature and acceleration of human progress.

Must - The Inside Story
January 8-17 (Running Time: 60 minutes)
Clod Ensemble in collaboration with Peggy Shaw / Produced by Fuel (UK)
Thur Jan 7 5:30pm | Sat Jan 9 9:30pm | Sun Jan 10 7pm | Tues Jan 12 7pm | Wed Jan 13 7pm | Fri Jan 15 9:30pm | Sat Jan 16 7pm | Sun Jan 17 2pm |
In collaboration with the celebrated UK-based Clod Ensemble, legendary New York performance artist Peggy Shaw takes the audience on a journey across the landscape of her own body.  Renowned for her own gender-bending autobiographical work, she recounts her extraordinary experiences of the medical profession from her current perspective as a 65-year-old lesbian grandmother. Must weaves together the stories of a lifetime - giving birth on the way to Woodstock, her mother’s electric shock treatment in 1950s America, the loss of a loved one – with projected microscopic images and live musicians performing a powerful score.

Silver Stars
January 8-16 (Running Time: 60 minutes)
Written by Seán Millar
Directed by Brokentalkers (Ireland)
Fri Jan 8 7pm | Sat Jan 9 9:30pm | Sun Jan 10 2:30pm | Sun Jan 10 9:30pm | Wed Jan 13 9:30pm | Thur Jan 14 7pm | Fri Jan 15 7pm | Sat Jan 16 3:30 pm |
Featuring a community chorus of gay men, Silver Stars is a moving and eloquent song cycle which tells the truly remarkable real-life stories of ordinary men in search of happiness and fulfillment, in a country that was challenged by their very existence. Based on celebrated singer/songwriter Seán Millar’s interviews with gay men from Dublin to New York, these songs capture tales of love, loss, family, spirituality, defiance and joy.

Space Panorama
January 7–17 (Running Time: 30 minutes)
Created and Performed by Andrew Dawson (UK)
Thur Jan 7 3pm | Fri Jan 8 7pm | Sat Jan 9 9:30pm | Sun Jan 10 5pm | Tues Jan 12 7pm | Thur Jan 14 7pm | Sat Jan 16 7pm  Sun Jan 17 1pm |
Acclaimed British director and performer Andrew Dawson recreates a documentary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing using only his hands and a black-draped table. Accompanied by Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 10 and a dramatic, lively narration, Dawson takes audiences from Houston to the moon and returns them safely to Earth, conveying the colossal distances and the risks involved simply through his skilled hand movements and wry facial expressions. Dawson has performed Space Panorama at theaters and theater festivals throughout the world, most recently at the Kennedy Center to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Apollo 11.

The Word Begins
January 8-16 (Running Time: 75 minutes)
Written and Performed by Sekou the Misfit and Steve Connell
Developed and Directed By Robert Egan
Fri Jan 8 8:30pm | Sat Jan 9 2pm | Sun Jan 10 9:30pm | Mon Jan 11 9:30pm | Thur Jan 14 9:30pm | Fri Jan 15 7pm | Sat Jan 16 2pm |
The Word Begins is an exciting journey with two young men as they struggle to come to terms with belief and morality in America today. Taking on race relations, religion, sexuality, and the power of mass communication --- among other great American issues, they travel from the inner city to the malls to the heartland of our country. Blending spoken word, comedy and hip hop, Steve Connell and Sekou tha Misfit travel rapidly through the chaotic and confusing world of what the national landscape of politics looks like to a young white man and a young black man.

Versus – In the Jungle of Cities
January 6–17 (Running Time: 80 minutes)
Produced by Teatr Nowy (Poland)
Directed by Radek Rychcik
Wed Jan 6th 8pm | Thur Jan 7 3pm | Sat Jan 9 7pm | Sun Jan 10 2pm | Mon Jan 11 7pm | Wed Jan 13 9:30pm | ur Jan 14 7pm | Sat Jan 16 9:30pm | Sun Jan 17 7pm |
In this exhilarating adaptation of Brecht’s In the Jungle of Cities, Versus traces a figurative wrestling match that arises inexplicably between two men in the big city. With only four actors, rising Polish directing star Rychcik reinvents the epic clash with pop music and explosive choreography. Presented in Polish with English subtitles.


L’Effet de Serge
January 7-16 (Running Time: 75 minutes)
Vivarium Studio (France)
Conceived, Directed and Designed by Philippe Quesne
3LD Art & Technology Center 80 Greenwich @ Rector, NYC
$15 tickets at or 212-352-3101
Thur Jan 7 7:30pm | Fri Jan 8 7:30pm | Sat Jan 9 7:30pm | Sun Jan 10 7:30pm | Mon Jan 11 7:30pm | Thur Jan 14 7:30pm | Fri Jan 15 7:30pm | Sat Jan 16 7:30pm |
On Sunday afternoons, in his living room and for a very small audience, Serge performs 1-3 numbers wi low-tech special effects.  Serge’s focused concentration on his own universe highlights e implicit futility in our daily rituals and at e same time exposes e pleasure and necessity of ese routines.  L’Effet de Serge is drama on a small scale, void of traditional ematic bread and complex intrigues, and shows us a man who finds e sublime in e trivial.  


Gin and “It”
January 7–16 (Running Time: 80 minutes)
Directed by Reid Farrington
3LD Art & Technology Center 80 Greenwich @ Rector, NYC
Co-presented by Performance Space 122 as part of COIL.
$15 tickets at or 212-352-3101
Thur Jan 7 9pm | Fri Jan 8 9pm | Sat Jan 9 9pm | Thur Jan 14 9pm | Fri Jan 15 9pm | Sat Jan 16 9pm |
In Farrington’s Gin and “It,” his video theater work mirrors the technical feats of Hitchcock’s daring film experiment in “Rope” with its own boundary-pushing melding of projected imagery and live drama. With his background as The Wooster Group’s video designer, Reid Farrington’s innovative approach to integrating sophisticated videoscapes into live theater will find instant favor among fans of ensembles like The Builders Association and Big Art Group.  

This Fable Is Intended For You: A Work-Energy Principle
January 9-12 (Running Time: 90 minutes)
MK Guth
Arts World Financial Center Winter Garden, 220 Vesey Street
Free Admission
Sat Jan 9 2- 3:30pm | Sun Jan 10 2- 3:30pm | Mon Jan 11 12:30- 2pm | Tues Jan 12 12:30- 2pm |
This Fable Is Intended For You: A Work-Energy Principle is a public project that amplifies the human presence and connections of the people living and working in Lower Manhattan. The project involves a public residency, a working exhibition and a series of performances. The residency and the exhibition act as animated sites of production as well as social sites of interaction.  Material contributions by audience members will shift and affect the outcome of the work being created. The residency and exhibition culminate in a series of performances at the World Financial Center Winter Garden where the objects made at these sites become the materials that intertwine 24 people in an evolving set of temporary geometric sculptural shapes.  

Chekhov Lizardbrain
January 7–17 (Running Time: 75 minutes)
Conceived, Developed and Created by Pig Iron Theater Company
CSV Cultural Center (107 Suffolk Street)
$20-$35 tickets:  
Thur Jan 7th 10pm | Fri Jan 8 5pm & 10pm | Sat Jan 9 5pm & 10pm | Sun Jan 10 2pm | Mon Jan 11 8pm | Wed Jan 13 8pm | ur Jan 14 8pm | Fri Jan 15 8pm | Sat Jan 16 2pm & 8pm | Sun Jan 17 7pm |
Philadelphia's Pig Iron Theatre Company returns to New York with their OBIE Award-winning concoction of neuroscience and maladroit Russian melodrama. A lonely, Aspergian botanist conjures up a parade of unsettling and comic recollections in an attempt to shape his fractured memories into a comforting fiction. Pig Iron's virtuosic physical performers spin a dizzying and poignant web of memory, vaudeville, and stories that won't stay straight.

L.A. Party
January 8–10 (Running Time: 40 minutes)
Conceived and Directed by Phil Soltanoff
Written by David Barlow
Presented by HERE Arts Center
HERE Arts Center (145 6th Ave., between Spring and Broome)
$15 tickets:  or 212-352-3101
Fri Jan 8th 4pm & 9pm | Sat Jan 9th 4pm & 9pm | Sun Jan 10th 4pm & 9pm |
A fanatical vegan slides off the wagon one night, falling head-first into a wild L.A. bender. The story narrated by David Barlow collides with live video in which six performers produce a compelling composite human being. A charming soupçon from the celebrated Phil Soltanoff whose collaborations with France’s CIE 111 have produced playful meldings of theatre, visual art, dance and new cirque.

The Devil You Know
January 6-24 (Running Time: 75 minutes)
La MaMa ETC In Association With Ping Chong and Company and Phantom Limb Company
Written and Directed by Ping Chong
LaMaMa (74A E. 4th Street)
$30 Tickets: or 212-475-7710
Wed Jan 6 7:30pm | Thur Jan 7 7:30pm | Fri Jan 8 7:30pm | Sat Jan 9 7:30pm | Sun Jan 10 2:30pm | Wed Jan 13 7:30pm | ur Jan 14 7:30 | Fri Jan 15 7:30pm | Sat Jan 16 2:30 & 7:30pm | Sun Jan 17 2:30pm |
Theater wizard Ping Chong and Phantom Limb’s Erik Sanko and Jessica Grindstaff join forces in The Devil You Know, a tantalizing tale of desperate deals, second chances and democracy’s eternal promise of renewal. The classic American Faust fable, The Devil and Daniel Webster, is gleefully transformed with the help of dozens of finely-crafted marionettes, dazzling video projections, an original score by Sanko, and ingenious revolving stages. A haunting meditation on lost souls and fool’s gold, The Devil You Know is theater magic as only Ping Chong and Phantom Limb can conjure it.


Once and For All We’re Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up and Listen
January 8–17 (Running Time: 60 minutes)
Ontroerend Goed, KOPERGIETERY (Belgium) and Richard Jordan Productions Ltd (UK)
Presented by The New Victory Theater at The Duke (229 W. 42 Street)
$25 Tickets ($17.50 for New Victory Members) or 646-223-3010
Fri  Jan 8 7:30pm |Sat Jan 9 2pm & 7:30pm | Sun Jan 10 3pm | Thur Jan 14 7:30pm | Fri Jan 15 7:30pm | Sat Jan 16 2pm & 7:30pm | Sun Jan 17 3pm |
With razor-sharp direction and an indie theater vibe, Once and For All We’re Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up and Listen is a mind-blowing look at adolescence through the eyes of thirteen astoundingly talented teenagers.

The Windup Bird Chronicle
January 12–30 (Running Time: 105 minutes)
Based on the novel by Haruki Murakami
Directed by Stephen Earnhart
Ohio Theatre 66 Wooster Street
$18 Tickets: or 212-352-3101
Tues  Jan 12  6pm | Wed Jan 13  8pm | Thur Jan 14th  8pm | Fri Jan 15th  8pm | Sat Jan 16th 8pm | Sun Jan 17th  2pm |
Interdisciplinary, multimedia theatrical performance based on the international best-selling novel by Haruki Murakami combining live performance and puppetry with video projections and hypnotic soundscapes.

January 6–31 (Running Time: 60 minutes)
NYC Players/ Richard Maxwell
Co-presented by Performance Space 122 as part of COIL.
Performance Space 122 (150 First Ave E 9 Street)
$15 Tickets with code UTR:, 212-352-3101 or at PS122 box office
Wed Jan 6 10pm | Fri Jan 8 7pm | Sun Jan 10 10pm | Tues Jan 12 10pm | Thur Jan 14 10:30pm | Fri Jan 15  8pm | Sat Jan 16  10:30pm | Sun Jan 17  5:30pm |
Ads marks a departure in the work of celebrated downtown auteur Richard Maxwell and NYC Players. Moving beyond the traditional video screening into the realm of live performance, Ads stages three-dimensional video recordings in the theater. Recorded speeches make the appeal for independence, displaying ideas and beliefs held up to be essential. Are we humble? Are we great? Can we begin to claim back space?

January 7 – 17 (Running Time: 55 minutes)
Directed by Gisèle Vienne (France)
Text and dramaturgy by Dennis Cooper
Performed by and created in collaboration with Jonathan Capdevielle
Performance Space 122 (150 First Ave. E. 9 Street)
$15 Tickets with code UTR:, 212-352-3101 or at PS122 box office
Thur Jan 7 6:30pm | Sat Jan 9 7pm | Sun Jan 10 9:30pm | Mon Jan 11 9:30pm | Thur Jan 14 10pm | Fri Jan 15 7:30pm | Sat Jan 16 10pm | Sun Jan 17 6pm |  
Using simple glove puppets, Jerk is an imaginary reconstruction – strange, poetic, funny and somber – of the crimes perpetrated by American serial killer Dean Corll, who with the help of teenagers David Brooks and Wayne Henley, killed more than twenty boys in the state of Texas during the 70s. Jerk is also a featured presentation of P.S. 122’s COIL.



$15 single tickets for UNDER THE RADAR shows at The Public Theater go on-sale on Tuesday, December 1 at The Public Theater box office (425 Lafayette Street); online at or by phone at 212-967-7555. Seating for all UTR shows at The Public is general admission. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
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Opening date
January 6, 2010

Closing date
January 17, 2010
Public Theater
425 Lafayette St (South of East 8th St)
New York, NY 10003
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  January 17, 2010 —  January 30, 2010

By subway
6 to Astor Place; R/W to 8th St/NYU