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TDF Weather Advisory
TDF is not authorized to offer refunds for tickets except in case of cancelled performances. If a theatre cancels its performance, an automatic refund check will be mailed or online purchases will be credited to your credit card.

If there is a citywide emergency and a patron is unable to attend a performance that has NOT been cancelled, it is up to the ticket holder to contact the theatre directly and request that they past date your tickets. Past dating tickets is at the discretion of the theatre's management. On a day you CAN attend, and only on that day (these requests cannot be made in advance), call the number provided and ask if they have a past date policy. If they do, ask if they can accommodate you for that performance. Please bear in mind that each theatre has its own procedures and policies and past dating is not guaranteed.

If your show is at:
  1. City Center please call (212) 581-1212
  2. American Airlines or Laura Pels Theatre please call (212) 719-1300
  3. Nederlander Theatre please call 212-921-8000
If you have tickets to another Broadway show, please contact Telecharge at (212) 239-6210.

If you are holding tickets to an Off Broadway show or other event, you should contact the theatre directly.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.