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TDF Costume Collection Letter of Agreement

Download the Letter of Agreement Here

This document must be filled out and signed by the person who is financially responsible for the organization.

All the blank spaces (except Contract Number) must be filled in, and the contract must be signed and faxed back to the Costume Collection.

Please remember that a contract is NOT valid and should not be returned to us unless ALL the blank spaces have been filled in with the correct information.

Some helpful hints:

  • The accepted signatures on a contract for a theatre are the Artistic Director, Managing Director, CFO, Business Manager.
  • The accepted signatures on a contract for a school, college or university are the Dean, Principal, Chair of the Department.
  • The accepted signatures on a contract for a religious organization are the Pastor, Rabbi, Reverend.
  • Your return date is always ten (10) days after your final performance if you are a non-profit organization or three (3) days after your final date of use if you are a commercial customer.
  • The number of people that you may list as the authorized designer/contact is three (3).  These people will be physically coming into the Costume Collection to rent and are the only ones able to work at the Collection on your behalf.