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We deeply regret to inform our tdf membership and our many tdf Travelers that we have closed our travel.

This has not been an easy decision.  For over twenty years we have offered hundreds of unique one-of-a-kind journeys to destinations on all five continents, providing our members with the opportunity to attend outstanding performances and legendary theatres all over the globe.  Several thousand of our members have taken advantage of our tours, and at least a thousand have traveled more than once.  Hundreds have joined us for multiple tours, a fact we have always considered to be the highest possible compliment.   We are proud of our achievement, part of which was accomplished through the suggestions and comments of our travelers. 

However, due to the current economic climate and the ongoing concerns of many travelers about the advisability of international travel, we have experienced a precipitous decline in travel registrations over the past year, so much so that we have had to cancel a number of tours that we successfully offered annually for a number of years.   And there is little evidence things will improve much in the next year or so.  Given this context, we believe it is imperative that we focus on our core missions.

We wish to thank you for your patronage over the years, and hope that you will continue your support for Theatre Development Fund and our programs.


Terence Erkkila
Tdf Travel