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TDF subsidizes productions by paying theatres higher ticket prices than the amount paid to us by our members. That difference (as much as $9 per ticket) is the margin of subsidy contributed by TDF to support these new productions of artistic merit.


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Email or call (212) 912-9770 ext. 332



A fresh perspective on theatre, an online forum for conversation, connecting the young theatergoing community in active and personal response to New York theatre.


TDF’s PXP magazine is an online forum for conversation before and after attending NYC theatre. Its goal is to connect artists to the theatregoing audience, making a space for both sides to talk, share, and create community.

PxP is made possible by the submission of young audience members from across New York City. If you have recently seen a production and would like to submit a response for publication, please email

PXP has a few main sections:
SHARE: posts that are working to build conversation. Go there and share.
Join in and see what people are saying about what they have seen. SHAREhas a few main ideas: people responding to theatre by connecting it to their lives, PXP asking provocative questions, and artists talking directly to you.

FIND OPPORTUNITIES: a list of training, interning, contests, arts-based residencies and more for young artists and young people with an interest in the performing arts.

PEOPLE AT THE THEATRE: PXP’s tumblr that works to capture who is going to the theatre. See who might be joining you when you take the journey to see a show. And watch out, we might just capture you at the theatre.

SEE THEATRE: a list of ways to see theatre without breaking the bank: rush tickets, student tickets, free tickets, affordable tickets, and other ways to see theatre afforably, like volunteer ushering.

DISCOVER: find out about theatres, theatre companies, performers and more. Want to know who is going to be the next big thing in NYC, find it here.

PLAY/GROUND: a bunch of things PXP thinks is fun. Quizzes, funny lists, videos, more. A place for a good laugh or a dance party.
Circulation: 50,000 per issue
Number of participating schools: approx. 155

Read PxP online at

In addition to the online magazine, a few times a year PXP prints a magazine that is sent into high schools, colleges, libraries, youth centers, and more throughout NYC.

You can find the online version of those issues here.

NYC Arts in Education Roundtable