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tkts iOS App FAQ

If you are at TKTS, look for one of our Patron Services representatives, dressed in red, with "Got Questions?" on their backs. They'll be happy to help you and answer all your questions!


How much do the tickets cost?
Every ticket sold at the TKTS Booths is discounted. Every day, each individual show chooses the percentage of discount (50%, 40%, 30%, and 20% off full price) for its tickets sold at TKTS. Since different shows have different ticket prices (and TKTS does not always get the same seats in the house) it’s hard to say what the exact cost would be.

Top prices for Off Broadway shows are somewhat less expensive than Broadway shows. Generally, an Off Broadway show at 50% discount will cost around $50.

What fees are added to the ticket price?
TKTS Fee: There is a $4.50 per ticket service fee that goes to Theatre Development Fund (TDF), the non-for-profit organization for the performing arts that operates the TKTS Booths. This fee is used to offset the cost of operating the TKTS Booths and to support TDF’s arts education, access and subsidy programs.

Facility fees:  These fees, which can range from $1.00 - $2.50 per ticket (depending on the theatre), are added on to the ticket price by the theatres. 

Broadway League fee: Shows whose producers are members of Broadway’s trade association, The Broadway League, add a $1.00 per ticket “Broadway League” fee.

What forms of payments are accepted at the TKTS Booths?
TKTS accepts cash, credit card, TKTS gift certificates, and debit cards that bear the Visa or MasterCard logo on them. There is no additional fee to use a credit card at TKTS. PLEASE NOTE: A small number of Off Broadway shows may require cash only. TKTS no longer accepts Traveler's Checks.

Are the “best” tickets only available when TKTS opens?
Not necessarily. Although the bulk of tickets to go on sale are made available for TKTS by the time we open, shows may, and often do, release more tickets to TKTS throughout the day – right up to curtain time. 

Can tickets be purchased using the tkts app, instead of waiting in line at the TKTS Booths?
At this time, the only way to purchase tickets is to go to any of the three Booth locations and purchase tickets at the windows.

What is the “Play Only” line at TKTS Times Square?
If you are in line to purchase tickets to a non-musical performance, you can stand in the “Play Only” line. Each show available for purchase in this line will be designated with a “P” on the display boards. The line usually starts on the west side of the booth by window #12; the window has a dedicated sign.

Is TKTS for day-of-performance sales only?
Yes for TKTS Times Square, but at the satellite TKTS booths, - South Street Seaport and Downtown Brooklyn – matinee tickets are sold only on the day before the performance.

What seats are available?
Seat locations change daily, and often throughout the day. When you get to the front of the line, the ticket seller’s computer will always retrieve the best available seats for the show. Which seating locations will be available for sale are determined by the shows themselves. If seat location is important, ask the sellers.

Can we get wheelchair seating at TKTS?
It depends on the show. When patrons in wheelchairs get to the window, the ticket seller will call the box office for the show they want and see if there are wheelchair locations available. If so, the patrons can purchase tickets at the Booth. Sometimes, after the tickets have been purchased, the patrons will have to pick-up the tickets at the theatre itself.

Can I buy full-price tickets at TKTS?
Yes, but only at TKTS Times Square, Window #1you can purchase full-price tickets for future performances and same-day full-price tickets for shows that are not on sale at a discount at TKTS. There is no full-price window at TKTS Seaport and TKTS Downtown Brooklyn.

May I use discount codes or other discount mailings I've received from shows at the Full-Price Window at TKTS Times Square?
No. At the Full-Price Window you may only buy purchase-price tickets. You need to go to the theatre box offices to use those special discounts.



What is the tkts application?
The tkts application is the official TDF app which features accurate, up-to-the-minute listings, of all shows available at the world famous TKTS Discount Booths at all three locations: Times Square, South Street Seaport, and Downtown Brooklyn.

Where can I purchase it?
You can download the tkts app from the iTunes App Store.

Are all the shows available at the TKTS Booths included in the tkts app?
The tkts app features accurate, up-to-the-minute listings of all shows available at all three TKTS Booth locations. This means that every show available for sale is listed in the app.

How often is the TKTS list updated?
The TKTS list reflects what’s on the TKTS boards and, therefore, what’s for sale at the booths at any given moment.  As ticket availability changes, shows are added or removed from the board and the tkts app list. 

If you have version 1.1 of the app, use the provided refresh button to download the most recent listings, and there is a time stamped that lets you know when the page was last updated. If you are using version 1.2 or later, pull down the TKTS list. You will see "Release to refresh" at the top of the page. Release to download the newest listings.

What devices does it work on?
The tkts app works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  We also have versions of the app available for the Android and Windows Phone platforms.

How do I remove the tkts application from my iOS device?
To uninstall the tkts app from your device simply hold the icon until it begins to shake; then click the “x” in the upper left hand corner of the application. You can also just click on applications in iTunes, right click on the app and click delete.

Where do I send questions and feedback about the tkts app?
For technical support regarding the tkts app, you may email TDF at . If you have a TKTS booth related question, email us at

What is the Go List?
Selecting a show among the large number of shows available on the TKTS boards, while trying to weigh your first, second, or third choice, can be a little stressful. Our new Go List makes this process much more expedient.

The Go List is a customized "wish list" of shows you would like to see. It can include your favorites along with a Plan B or Plan C. When you arrive at the cashier's window, you will have all the information you need on your device to allow you to make your decision quickly. No need to start over.

You may also share your Go List with your friends and family and see which of the choices appeal to all of you.

How to add a show to the Go List?
Simply click on the grey star next to the show you wish to add to the list. The star will turn from grey to yellow and the show will be added to your Go List.

How to view the shows in my Go List?
To view your Go List, click on the Go List icon, located on the top navigation bar. Please note that the number in the Go List icon reflects the number of shows selected for your Go List.

How to remove a show from my Go List?
There are two ways to delete a show from your Go List.
a. On the tkts app Show List, tap on the star that's next to the show you wish to delete from the list. The star will turn grey and the show will be removed from your Go List.
b. On the Go List page, swipe your finger across the show you wish to remove; the delete button will appear. Click "Delete" to remove the show.

Can I share my Go List?
You can send your "Go List" list to a friend ahead of time to compare notes and see which of your choices appeal to both of you. To do this, on the Go List page, click on the "Share" icon. You will be presented with the options to email or text your Go List, as well as post it on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

When I try to post to my Facebook account, the tkts app asks me to grant it access rights. What is this?
When you post your Go List to Facebook, our app will need to access your Facebook account. This is the normal procedure for anyone posting to their Facebook wall through another application. The question "Access my basic information" is simply asking you to grant TKTS app that permission.

What does it mean when a show is greyed out in the Go List?
If you check your Go List while all three booths are closed, your selected shows will be displayed in grey, and instead of the percentage and time, you will see "Currently not available at TKTS".

Your show title will appear in grey, with the phrase "Currently not at this location" next to it, when the booth that you are checking is currently closed, and the show is available in one of the two other booths.

How long is my Go list available?
There is no expiration for your Go List.