OffOff@$9 Overview

Enjoy Adventurous Theatre Off-Off Broadway for $9
TDF's OffOff@$9 program puts you in the center of the Off-Off Broadway world of theatre, dance, and music for less than the price of a movie ticket.

Known for adventurous and groundbreaking performances, Off-Off Broadway is where many of New York's most innovative artists stage their boldest works. OffOff@$9 is vibrant and buzzing with activity at unique venues and in surprising spaces all over the city. Audiences can expect the unexpected from an Off-Off Broadway production—and that’s half the fun.

How Do I See A Show For $9?

OffOff@$9 is a free program that allows you to buy tickets online to a wide range of Off-Off Broadway productions for just $9 per ticket.

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Why We Do It

As part of our 50 year commitment to expanding audiences, TDF's OffOff@$9 program was developed to build a stronger connection between Off-Off Broadway theatremakers and theatregoers. OffOff@$9 was the recipient of the 2012 Ellen Stewart Award by the Innovative Theatre Awards for demonstrating a significant contribution to the Off-Off Broadway community through service, support, and leadership.

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