How to Rent Costumes

Costume Collection Procedures and Guidelines

Filling Out Proper Documentation

Every time your company or organization has a new production, you must fill out a new Letter of Agreement. Not-for-profit organizations that are renting from the Costume Collection for the first time must also furnish a copy of their 501 [C] 3 or ST-119 not-for-profit treasury. If you are unsure if your organization is registered, we can check for you.

If you are not working with a non-profit, your rental will be placed under a Commercial Letter of Agreement, used for rentals such as photo shoots, independent films, television shows, and other projects of artistic merit. All commercial rentals must be approved to qualify for rental by a member of our staff, and the Letter of Agreement can be filled out by a producer, director, artist, stylist, or designer in person or can be emailed or faxed to us. This type of contract must have a credit card attached to the Letter of Agreement since we do not require proof of insurance.

You may visit the Costume Collection before you complete all of the paperwork; however, you may not reserve or remove any costumes or accessories until all documentation is in place.

Visiting the TDF Costume Collection

You can visit the Costume Collection as much as you like—and no appointments are required. However, if a fitting room is needed, you must make an appointment, which is a first-come first-served basis. There is a limit of four persons per contract in the warehouse at any given time. Photos are always permitted so you can share with colleagues. And we always recommend calling to confirm hours before visiting.

Pulling Costumes

Please come prepared to pull your own costumes and accessories when visiting the Costume Collection. Our expert design team is available, based on availability, to help you select your costumes at an additional cost.  

Reserving Costumes

Costumes may be placed on reserve, at no additional charge, before your first performance and/or shoot date, but the length of reservation time does vary for not-for-profit and commercial renters.

Not-For-Profit Renters: Twenty-eight (28) calendar days prior to first performance
Commercial Renters: Seven (7) calendar days before first shoot day or performance

If your production needs additional time, that may be arranged for an additional fee at the discretion of the Costume Collection staff.

All items placed on reserve and not rented must be restocked by opening night. The Costume Collection will restock any reserved costumes after that time and assess a restocking charge.

Renting Costumes

Rentals must be paid for before they can be removed from the warehouse.

Not-For-Profit Renters: We accept cash, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express) or checks. Download the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Commercial Renters: We accept cash and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express). We cannot accept purchase orders.

All shipping charges and fees are the responsibility of the company renting the costumes. The Costume Collection will not accept C.O.D. packages.

Once costumes have been rented, there are no refunds or credits, but we will accept exchanges on all rented items made prior to opening night.

Costumes cannot be treated with glue, dye, paint, stage blood, or distressing agents or cut in any manner. All alterations, including any labels you may add, must be removed, and costumes must be restored to their original condition before they are returned.

Returning Costumes

Not-For-Profit Renters: Costumes are due back to the Costume Collection 10 days after the final performance date listed on your contract. An extension charge per costume PER WEEK will accrue for all items kept out after this time.

Commercial Renters:
Costumes are due back to the Costume Collection three days after the final production/shoot date listed on your contract. An extension charge per costume PER WEEK will accrue for all items kept out after this time.

Dry-Cleaning Costumes

In order to ensure all costumes are in the best possible condition for our customers, we require all costumes to be dry cleaned.

Not-For-Profit Renters: You can choose to have your costumes cleaned at your own professional dry-cleaner—just make sure you remember to bring your receipt with you when returning costumes. Or you may return them and the Costume Collection will have them cleaned for you. 

Commercial Renters: Commercial renters must utilize the Costume Collection’s dry-cleaning services. For your convenience, dry-cleaning charges will be assessed and charged at the time of checkout and added to your bill at that time.

Current Bulk Dry-Cleaning Rate: $8 per pound

Specialty garments, such as suede, leather, fur, sequins, and beaded costumes are dry-cleaned at a per item rate.

The above guidelines are intended for everyone's benefit. Many organizations rely on the Costume Collection's inventory as their sole costume resource, and it is the intent of these guidelines to help ensure the proper care and maintenance of our inventory.