The Impact of Your Gift | Support TDF

What can you do to help make the performing arts part of everyone's lives?


Your gift of: 
  • $25 brings a student in our Introduction to Dance Program to their first professional dance show.
  • $50 brings a student in our Introduction to Theatre Program to their first Broadway show!
  • $100 pays for writing supplies for young playwrights.
  • $150 covers the costs for a pre-performance workshop for students in TDF's Accessibility Program for Students.
  • $175 brings an autism expert to preview and analyze a show to make appropriate modifications.
  • $250 pays for one day of in-school theatre instruction for students.
  • $500 provides a caption operator for one TDF Accessibility Program for Students performance.
  • $1,000 covers the cost of a live audio describer.
  • $1,500 brings one classroom to see their first show.
  • $2,500 covers all expenses for an open caption performance.
  • $5,000 brings one school to see their first Broadway show.