TDF Staff & Board of Trustees

Dedicated and committed to making live performance available to everyone
Victoria Bailey, Executive Director
Michael Naumann, Managing Director
Stephen Cabral, Director of the Costume Collection
Lisa Carling, Director of TDF Accessibility Programs
William Castellano, TKTS Head Treasurer
Julian Christenberry, Director of Ticket Programs
Anne Trites, Director of Development
David LeShay, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Daniel Renner, Director of Public Engagement
Eric Sobel, Director of Finance
Tymand Staggs, MIS Director

Erin Winchester, Assistant to Executive Director 
Tina Kirsimae, Assistant to Managing Director

Sara Accardi, Development Manager, Individual Giving and Events
Natalie King,  Development Associate, Institutional Giving
Catherine Walczak, Development Associate, Individual Giving and Events
Carrie Seavoy, Development Assistant
Sal Polizzi, Accounting Manager  
Joyce Hinds, Payroll/Benefits Coordinator 
Paula Torres, AP Bookkeeper  
Catherine Lizima, Bookkeeping Assistant  
Christophe Mentor, A/R Bookkeeper                 
Michael Yaccarino, Statistics Coordinator

Emily Travis, Marketing Manager

Management Information Services                    
Jonathan Calindas, MIS Associate
Costas Michalopoulos, User Support Manager 
Cheryl Schoonmaker, MIS Support Staff  
Michelle St. Hill, MIS Coordinator

Ginger Bartkoski Meagher, Associate Education Director
Allie Relihan, Education & Community Programs Manager
Tyler Riley, Education Coordinator

TDF Accessibility Programs
Frances Polino, TAP Associate Director  
Philip Dallmann, Manager of Accessibility Programs
Leah Diaz, Manager of Accessibility Services

Office Management
Julie Williams, Office Manager  
Nicole Prosper-LaPene, Receptionist

Ticketing: Individual & Group
Kim Midkiff, Associate Director of Ticket Programs
Jane Pfeffer, Ticket Dept. Coordinator 
JoAnn Gall, Associate Ticket Coordinator
George Connolly, Program Staff 
Joe Cali, Customer Service
Gayle Brown, Customer Service Associate 
Tom Westerman, Asst. Group Sales Coordinator  

TDF Online Presence
Mark Blankenship, Associate Director of Online Presence/Journalism
Christina Trivigno, Associate Director of Online Presence/Social Media
Richard Price, TDF Show Search Listings Editor
Andrew Block, Manager Off & Off-Off Broadway Services 

Costume Collection
Joanne Haas, Associate Director
Mark Runion, Administrator
Joey Haws, Rental Assistant
Debbi Hobson, Staff Designer
Sherry Martinez, In-house Designer

TKTS Booths
William Roeder, Asst. Treasurer Times Square
Stephen Banovich 
Barbara Palmieri      
Charles Stuis, Jr.                       
John Cinelli                           
John Sheehan           
John Palumbo                     
Craig Henninger       
Gale Spyridon               
Laura Delbert  
Wesley Heron
Ann Ramirez
Shirley Martignetti
Michael McCarthy          
Michael Buffer, TKTS Patron Services Manager