A fresh take on theatre

PXP gives young people throughout NYC’s five boroughs a way into the performing arts. PXP is TDF’s online magazine for people ages 16-26, offering a fresh take on NYC performing arts. It connects the audience to the artists, making space for both sides to talk, share and create community.

PXP is a space for users to share their thoughts, hear from artists, discover new theatre, take advantage of great deals and find opportunities in the industry. 



What’s in PXP?

Let's talk:
See what people are saying about what they have seen, talk with artists and connect with others who went to the same show.

What's happening:
 Find out about cool theatre, funky theatres, and exciting theatre companies.

Find Opportunities:
Get a list of training opportunities, internships, on-going contests, arts-based residencies and more.

People at the Theatre:
PXP's Tumblr (photo blog) that captures who is at the theatre each night.

How to see theatre:
A guide to finding affordable and free tickets throughout NYC.

To contact PXP, click here to send an email, or call (212) 912-9770.

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