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Radio City Christmas Spectacular (Today 5pm)
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Radio City Christmas Spectacular (Today 5pm)

Nov 18, 2022 - Jan 02, 2023
Running time: 1:30
Radio City Music Hall
1260 6th Avenue
New York City, NY 10020
By Bus: Take MTA Buses M5, M6, M7 or M27/M50 to Rockefeller Center/50th St.
By Subway: Take the B, D or F subway to Rockefeller Center / 50th St Take the to 50th St./Broadway
Show Description:
$50.00 - $225.00
prices subject to change
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Audience Advisory
Parental Advisory: All children who have reached their second birthday require a ticket to gain admittance into Radio City Music Hall. Any child who has yet to reach their second birthday does not require a ticket however, they may not occupy their own separate seat – they must sit on a parent or guardian's lap.
Age Guidance: 2
Show Notes
No Intermission


Radio City is wheelchair accessible and accommodating for patrons who have limited mobility or who have visual and/or hearing impairments. The Disabled Services Department can be reached at (212) 465-6115 Mon-Fri from 9:30am to 4:30pm
A bank of four elevators is located on the left side at the end of the Grand Foyer. These elevators will take you up to the First, Second and Third Mezzanine and down to the Grand Lounge. Our staff is available to assist you whenever possible..
ParkWhiz is the official parking app of Radio City Music Hall. Individuals with disabilities, who possess a New York City Special Parking Permit, have the option to park on streets and avenue around the venue. The rules and regulations on the back of your permit informs you where you may and may not park on New York City streets
Please enter via the main doors located under the marquee on the corner of 50th Street and Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue). An automatic door opener is located on the exterior wall near the far left door—easily operated by pushing—and will lead you to the ticket lobby.
There are restrooms in Radio City Music Hall that are usable and accessible for wheelchair patrons. There is one stall with grab bars on the First, Second and Third Mezzanine in the men and women’s restrooms—located in the back promenade near Aisles A & B. There are two wheelchair accessible stalls each in the Grand Lounge men and women’s restrooms, one each of which has a sink, hand dryer, mirror and grab bars.
Water Fountain
Water fountains are usable and accessible for patrons with disabilities. For your convenience, disposable cup dispensers are located adjacent to each water fountain. The water fountains are located on First, Second and Third Mezzanine in the back promenade near Aisles C and F, as well as in the Grand Lounge.
Payphones in Radio City Music Hall are usable and accessible for patrons with disabilities. TTY pay telephones are also available for our speech impaired, deaf and hard of hearing patrons. The wheelchair accessible pay telephones and TTY pay telephones are located off the Grand Lounge as well as on the First Mezzanine in the back promenade near Aisle E.
Assisted Listening System
Assistive listening devices, which are complimentary, are available for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Specifically, we provide the R7 Personal PA model manufactured by the Williams Sound Corporation that operates on an FM system.
Visual Assistance
For concerts, comedy shows & family events, Radio City Music Hall offers sign language interpreters to those guests who request such an accommodation. Either the guest in need or a member of their party must request this service a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the performance. This may be done via email at or over the phone at 888-609-7599.