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Sleeping Beauty

Opening Date: Dec 02, 2023

Closing Date: Dec 09, 2023

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21A Clinton Street New York, NY 10002

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Sleeping Beauty has fallen into a deep sleep and can only be awoken by True Love’s Kiss, no consent necessary. Or wait, really? This holiday season NYC Panto is back with the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. Follow the incomparable drag queen Gina Tonic as Fairy Merrydrunk, who, along with her two tipsy fairy-besties, must protect Sleeping Beauty from the evil curse placed on her after Malignant, "Miss Worst Fairy", was snubbed by the Royal Family. If this Princess sees a pic of herself in print she’s gonna totally die (or maybe just fall into a very deep coma). But how else will the unwashed masses know that the Royals are "just like us" if they don’t plaster her face on the cover of every magazine?! Join the Good Drunk Fairies, a Renegade Prince (with some dubious ideas about consent), a band of feral woodland creatures and Sleeping Beauty as she learns to break free from the curse of Malignant and her right hand crow, Diablo. Jam-packed with pop parodies, holiday classics, slapstick bawdiness and political satire, this show will delight and surprise you this holiday season and might just inspire you to break free from that gilded cage of responsibility.

Bold and bawdy, the pantomime, or panto, has been a holiday tradition in Great Britain since 1717. With its roots in commedia dell’arte, the genre takes classic fairy tales and imbues them with a broad and comedic twist. While pantos are traditionally considered family shows, Sleeping Beauty is a decidedly adult take on this very British entertainment.
Age Guidance

Age Guidance: 21

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Madeline Wall

Written by

Robert K. Benson

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