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When Is Ballet Like a Photograph?
Tuesday, October 27, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Tue Oct 27, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Troy Schumacher brings a surprising group of artists to his ballets --- When Troy Schumacher discusses his five-year-old ballet company, he rarely uses the word "I" to describe its direction or approach. Instead, he chooses "we" again and again, and that's right on target for the aptly named BalletCollective. Integrating a wide variety of art...
A Major Dancer-Choreographer That New Yorkers Barely Know
Thursday, October 15, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Thu Oct 15, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Gotham finally gets a full performance from Aakash Odedra --- New York has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the uniquely eloquent, powerfully focused dancer/choreographer Aakash Odedra. While earlier this month he premiered his third complete solo program in England, next week's performances of Inked and Murmur will mark the first time...
Cinderella: Erotic and Universal
Tuesday, October 13, 2015  •   Dance  •    1 comment Share This
Tue Oct 13, 2015  •   Dance  •    1 comment Share This
Inside Company XIV's dance-theatre twist on a fairy tale --- What if you took everything in our culture that was indebted to Cinderella and put it on a single stage? Just think of all the songs, ballets, fancy shoes, and enchanted mice you'd have to account for. In one sense, you'd be confronted with aesthetic chaos, but in another, you'd experience...
Let's Tap Dance Until We Fall In Love
Tuesday, October 06, 2015  •   Dance  •    2 comments Share This
Tue Oct 6, 2015  •   Dance  •    2 comments Share This
How dance breeds romance in Broadway's Dames at Sea --- Sometimes a parody becomes the very thing it's going after. Take Dames at Sea -- the splashy 1968 musical that's about a splashy musical -- which is currently enjoying its Broadway premiere in a production directed and choreographed by Randy Skinner. Like 42nd Street and Footlight...
A Choreographer Finds American Poetry in Central Asia
Monday, September 28, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Mon Sep 28, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Inside Séan Curran's latest work at BAM --- In the spring of 2012, choreographer Séan Curran and a slew of his dancers traveled to central Asia to visit the Kyrgyz Republic. As art ambassadors of Brooklyn Academy of Music's DanceMotion USA initiative, the modern dance troupe crisscrossed the country, seeing performances and meeting...
Dancing Between Ballet and Broadway
Friday, September 18, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Fri Sep 18, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Watching a preternaturally talented dancer rise in two artistic worlds --- I first saw Tiler Peck when she was still a student. She was one of two School of American Ballet pupils featured in a lecture-demonstration presented by esteemed teacher and former New York City Ballet dancer, Suki Schorer. I was immediately struck by Peck's verve and aplomb,...
A Dance Dedicated to the Lives of Black Girls
Tuesday, September 15, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Tue Sep 15, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Camille A. Brown's new work celebrates the entire scope of a black woman's life --- On a sweltering August day, Camille A. Brown sits in front of her dancers in a basement studio. Once she nods, Fana Fraser and Catherine Foster start a simple phrase, one swooping into a cross jump, the other darting backward. After almost every four counts, Brown...
Spring Awakening's Deaf Actors Dance to Music They Can't Hear
Monday, September 14, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Mon Sep 14, 2015  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
It's a moment that would be complicated in any musical: In the current Broadway revival of Spring Awakening, at the start of a song in the second act, a group of actors faces upstage, backs to the audience. They represent a forest of trees, and eventually they begin to sway in unison as the show transitions into a searing number about loss. For their...
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