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On Broadway, This Goofy Dance Might Break Your Heart
Friday, February 24, 2017  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Fri Feb 24, 2017  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Inside Significant Other's wedding choreography --- You wouldn't think a goofy wedding dance could break your heart, but here we are. Early in Significant Other, which is now on Broadway at the Booth Theatre, three college friends are gathered for another friend's wedding, and at first, they're far too cool for this particular school. Hanging on the...
The Past and Future of Martha Graham Dance Company
Wednesday, February 08, 2017  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Wed Feb 8, 2017  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Inside the company's latest New York program The Martha Graham Dance Company's repertory for its two-week season at the Joyce Theater covers a remarkable number of bases. With an eye toward legacy, the program includes five examples of Graham's own modern dance choreography. Selections range from Primitive Mysteries, a stark, ritualistic 1931 masterwork,...
BODYTRAFFIC Pushes Themselves (and Us)
Friday, January 13, 2017  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Fri Jan 13, 2017  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
How contemporary dance company BODYTRAFFIC highlights emotion in its work --- For decades, Los Angeles was practically bereft of concert dance. Classically inclined performers worried that moving to the City of Angels would end their careers unless they wanted to take a stab at industrial gigs or Hollywood. But now L.A'.s thriving dance scene proves...
How Do You Dance About OCD?
Wednesday, January 04, 2017  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Wed Jan 4, 2017  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Inside the shifting meanings of Sharon Eyal's choreography --- Sharon Eyal is reticent to nail down the definition of her dance company, LEV, or its newest work, OCD Love, which will have its Joyce premiere from January 11 to 15. Yet when she discusses her art, she assumes she'll be understood. After a curly-cue explanation about her troupe's style,...
A Choreographer Inspired By Martin Luther King, Jr.
Wednesday, December 14, 2016  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Wed Dec 14, 2016  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
A new dance in the Ailey season honors King's genius --- On a recent work trip to Atlanta, dancer and choreographer Hope Boykin stumbled upon the inspiration for a dance. Touring the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, she found herself enraptured in a room devoted to the work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She was especially...
WATCH: Ballet Hispánico Celebrates the Scope of Latin Culture
Thursday, December 01, 2016  •   Dance  •    1 comment Share This
Thu Dec 1, 2016  •   Dance  •    1 comment Share This
Meet Ballet Hispánico, where Latin cultures and American culture are all part of the artistic vision. This video was directed by Lauren Kay. It was shot and edited by Nicholas Guldner. Here's why Meet the Dance Company exists. You can meet more dance companies here....
Dozens of Cultures in One Dance Company
Friday, November 11, 2016  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Fri Nov 11, 2016  •   Dance  •    0 comments Share This
Nederlands Dans Theater brings new work to New York --- Bringing his company to New York means a lot to Paul Lightfoot, artistic director of Nederlands Dans Theater. So plenty of thought and careful planning went into the program of four dances the company performs at City Center from November 16-19. He had a lot of work to choose from. NDT, based...
The Inclusive Empire of Gibney Dance
Monday, October 31, 2016  •   Dance  •    1 comment Share This
Mon Oct 31, 2016  •   Dance  •    1 comment Share This
From new work to vital spaces, Gina Gibney offers the dance world a rich array --- Gina Gibney wears so many hats that when she wants to create a new work, it seems it might be difficult for her to focus on choreography. After all, her Gibney Dance Center has been expanding in size, ambition, and range of activities over the past five years, and...
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