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How Fitz Patton Feels the Sound
Tuesday, January 19, 2016  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Tue Jan 19, 2016  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Inside his sound design for three major new plays --- Fitz Patton hears things differently than most people do, but that's his job as a theatrical sound designer. "There's a thing called 'reduced listening' where you just hear sounds for what they are and you don't think about the source," says the Tony Award nominee. "But after you design enough...
The Unforgettable Smell of 'A View From the Bridge'
Monday, December 07, 2015  •   Design  •    2 comments Share This
Mon Dec 7, 2015  •   Design  •    2 comments Share This
Sometimes, a scent defines an entire production --- Weeks later, I can still smell A View from the Bridge. Granted, the current revival of Arthur Miller's classic play, which is on Broadway in a production from director Ivo van Hove, left quite a few deep impressions. I was lucky enough to see it from the stage, perched on a seating bank that was...
Can a Sweatshirt Travel Through Time?
Monday, November 23, 2015  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Mon Nov 23, 2015  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Wardrobe jokes in Important Hats of the Twentieth Century --- You can almost capture the spirit of Important Hats of the Twentieth Century with a single image. A little past the halfway point of Nick Jones's new comedy, which Manhattan Theatre Club is presenting at City Center's Stage II, we see a man bent over a worktable, wearing a welder's mask...
I'm Glad I Saw 'Matilda' From the Front Row
Friday, November 20, 2015  •   Design  •    3 comments Share This
Fri Nov 20, 2015  •   Design  •    3 comments Share This
How seeing Matilda from the front row made it even more magical --- My 12-year-old daughter is one of the biggest Matilda The Musical fans on the planet. She has memorized the entire score -- not just Matilda's songs, but every single lyric (go ahead and ask, she'll sing it all for you). She has dressed as Matilda for Halloween. She scoured the internet...
Humanity's Future Depends on a Bamboo Dome
Tuesday, November 10, 2015  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Tue Nov 10, 2015  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Buckminster Fuller inspires a loopy new comedy --- Welcome to Borough Play, our series on theatre in Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond Director Chad Lindsey recalls cringing as he watched his fellow members of the Hook & Eye Theater rehearse a pivotal scene in their new piece, God Is A Verb, a play inspired by the life, theories, and works of the...
What Makes 'Misery' Seem Scary On Stage?
Thursday, November 05, 2015  •   Design  •    1 comment Share This
Thu Nov 5, 2015  •   Design  •    1 comment Share This
Inside the design of the Broadway adaptation --- Genuinely frightening an audience is a bit like catching lightning in a bottle – or maybe that's thunder. "I keep saying, 'Just turn all the thunder up. It'll be really scary,'" quips Will Frears, who's directing Misery, the new Broadway stage adaptation of Stephen King's novel (and the subsequent...
Arthur Miller Has Never Looked Like This Before
Wednesday, November 04, 2015  •   Design  •    2 comments Share This
Wed Nov 4, 2015  •   Design  •    2 comments Share This
The piercing design of Broadway's A View From the Bridge --- Just a little over five years ago, Scarlett Johansson won a Tony Award for her performance in a revival of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge, so it might seem surprising that the family drama set in 1950s Red Hook is already back on Broadway. Except this new production, a transfer...
Scarred Inside and Out
Monday, October 26, 2015  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Mon Oct 26, 2015  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
How amazing prosthetics reflect a soldier's internal anguish --- Some shows featuring disfigured characters eschew complicated makeup in favor of asking viewers to imagine how they look (see The Elephant Man and Violet). But for the Roundabout Theatre Company's Ugly Lies the Bone -- Lindsey Ferrentino's heartrending play about a severely burned vet...
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