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She Tore Up the Theatre to Build a New World
Tuesday, September 23, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Tue Sep 23, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
by Suzy Evans Rachel Hauck drew the line at live chickens. Director Lisa Peterson wanted “at least three” birds to create the authenticity of a poultry factory, where South American immigrant women work in Lisa Ramirez’s play To the Bone. However, Hauck knew she could create that environment without a real animal in sight. “What...
When Do You Stop Seeing the Barbed Wire?
Monday, August 18, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Mon Aug 18, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
It’s always there, stretched across the stage. For the entire 70 minutes of The Good and the True, a play based on the recollections of Holocaust survivors Hana Pravda and Milos Dobry, barbed wire hangs between us and the actors. Even after the characters survive Auschwitz and death marches, the wire is there. Even when they go on to have families...
These Tragic Puppets Are Hilarious
Wednesday, August 06, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Wed Aug 6, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Drunk Shakespeare, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, the Accidental Shakespeare Company: the Bard's plays are constantly being reinterpreted in unusual ways. Even in this offbeat company, however, the Puppet Shakespeare Players stand out. In Puppet Titus Andronicus, now at the Beckett Theatre, one of Shakespeare's most notoriously bloody tragedies is...
Trashy Outfits Need Love Too
Tuesday, July 01, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Tue Jul 1, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Meet the wardrobe wizard at Broadway’s Rock of Ages --- “I like to refer to Rock of Ages as the big little show,” says wardrobe supervisor Wendall Goings. As he puts it, the costumes for the ’80s-set jukebox musical—stuffed with hair metal hits like “Sister Christian” and “Wanted Dead...
This Musical Won't Work if We Can't Hear It
Monday, June 16, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Mon Jun 16, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Inside the sound design of Broadway's Holler if Ya Hear Me --- As the title suggests, it's crucial that we hear Holler If Ya Hear Me. The new Broadway musical, in previews now at the Palace Theatre, is built around the late rapper Tupac Shakur's lyrics and poetry, and it's often up to John Shivers and David Patridge, the show's sound designers,...
He's Underwater, and We Know What He's Thinking
Monday, June 02, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Mon Jun 2, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
In Deepest Man, cutting-edge technology tells a heartbreaking story --- No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. But you may find that hard to believe while watching Deepest Man, playwright James Scruggs' avant-garde meditation on loss, healing, and above all, water. Now at 3-Legged Dog's 3LD Art & Technology Center, the trippy hour-long...
You Can See Poe's Madness for Yourself
Wednesday, May 14, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Wed May 14, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
The innovative design of "Red-Eye to Havre de Grace" --- The man in the park ranger's uniform delivers something of an anti-curtain speech: "There is no nudity, strobe lights, smoking, or gunshots," he announces. Then, offhandedly, "But they do have this cool table that turns into a door and a bed that kinda flies around." That's a basic (if oversimplified)...
You're Melodramatic. Just Accept It.
Wednesday, May 07, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
Wed May 7, 2014  •   Design  •    0 comments Share This
In An Octoroon, Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins explodes theatrical history --- What do we do with melodrama today? Can a world of excessive emotion, mustache-twirling villains, tragic heroines, and exaggerated racial stereotypes have any resonance with our own? Or are we already inundated with melodramatic techniques---and the social norms they imply---without...
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