Opera Is Becoming More Diverse. It's About Time.
Thursday, January 04, 2018  •   Musicals  •    0 comments Share This
Thu Jan 4, 2018  •   Musicals  •    0 comments Share This
How composers of color are pushing the genre in new directions --- I moved to New York City in 2011 to be a theatre journalist, and in addition to becoming a bona fide Broadway baby, I also planned to regularly attend the other "high" performing arts: dance, the symphony, and especially the opera. Yet I soon gave up on becoming a connoisseur of the...
Got Any Questions for Two 'Bronx Tale' Stars?
Wednesday, January 03, 2018  •   Broadway  •    0 comments Share This
Wed Jan 3, 2018  •   Broadway  •    0 comments Share This
Join Richard H. Blake and Adam Kaplan in a live online chat --- For our second Facebook Live artist chat, we're getting the behind-the-scenes scoop on the hit Broadway musical A Bronx Tale from two of its stars: Richard H. Blake and Adam Kaplan. The actors are longtime friends, so it's kismet that Blake is playing Kaplan's concerned father in this...
I Don't Understand, But I Totally Get It
Tuesday, January 02, 2018  •   Off-Off Broadway  •    1 comment Share This
Tue Jan 2, 2018  •   Off-Off Broadway  •    1 comment Share This
Why this theatre lover enjoys seeing shows in languages he doesn't know --- When I tell people that one of the best productions I've ever experienced was a five-hour adaption of Shakespeare's history plays performed entirely in Dutch, they sometimes assume I'm an idiot, full of sound and fury. But I find seeing theatre in a language I don't understand...
My Best Stage Door Experiences
Friday, December 29, 2017  •   Broadway  •    0 comments Share This
Fri Dec 29, 2017  •   Broadway  •    0 comments Share This
A theatre lover shares her favorite post-show interactions with stars --- This past summer, there was much ado surrounding stage dooring after Dear Evan Hansen Tony winner Ben Platt and rock star turned Kinky Boots lead Brendon Urie took to social media to explain why they couldn't always greet fans. While I certainly understand and respect any actor's...
Women Are Extinct. What's a Man to Do?
Thursday, December 28, 2017  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
Thu Dec 28, 2017  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
How playwright-director Robert O'Hara's new show sticks it to the patriarchy --- "I love fables and I love allegories because you never know where they're going to lead you," says Robert O'Hara, whose world-premiere comedy Mankind is currently running at Playwrights Horizons. "It's like following a rabbit down a hole." That's certainly the experience...
How Has Theatre Made You Smarter?
Wednesday, December 27, 2017  •   Geek Out Freak Out  •    2 comments Share This
Wed Dec 27, 2017  •   Geek Out Freak Out  •    2 comments Share This
Welcome to Geek Out/Freak Out, where theatre fans get enthusiastic about things --- This week, TDF Stages Editor Raven Snook geeks out (via Facebook Messenger) with Christina Trivigno, TDF's Associate Director of Digital Strategy and a bona fide theatre nerd. Today's topic: A celebration of the wide variety of facts seeing shows has taught us Raven...
You've Never Seen 'Frankenstein' Like This
Tuesday, December 26, 2017  •   Off-Broadway  •    0 comments Share This
Tue Dec 26, 2017  •   Off-Broadway  •    0 comments Share This
Why the monster dances in Ensemble for the Romantic Century's interpretation of the tale --- From Mel Brooks's campy musical comedy to a notorious closed-on-opening-night Broadway flop to the National Theatre's production with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller, Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein has been adapted for the theatre countless...
Sitting Pretty at the Show
Friday, December 22, 2017  •   Broadway  •    13 comments Share This
Fri Dec 22, 2017  •   Broadway  •    13 comments Share This
A theatre lover reminisces about his best -- and worst -- seats --- Forget New York City real estate. The theatre is where it's all about location, location, location. While there's no question that having a great seat can make watching a terrific production even more enjoyable, can an outstanding show make up for seeing it from a lousy angle? Sometimes,...
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