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TDF has given subsidy support over 1,000 plays including 31 that subsequently won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


What TDF members have to say ...
In a recent chat thread on Talkin' Broadway's popular All That Chat, the question was posed, "Should I join TDF?"  We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

All That Chat

Posted by: gretchenCT
I'm trying to figure out if I should join TDF. Are there any downsides? What is generally available on that service? I hadn't even realized such a thing existed until recently; had been buying student rush tickets or tickets through TKTS to get affordable seats. Any thoughts? Can one member buy two tickets?

Posted by: dof82
 Yes. sometimes the seats aren't exactly desirable and the offerings are usually older shows or brand new shows, so its hit and miss. I've seen a ton of Broadway shows through it and I think if you qualify it's a wonderful service For off-Broadway it's great because in those houses there's rarely a "bad seat"

Posted by: PlazaBoy
It's a no brainer. Selection is frequently robust, seats are usually (but not always) decent, plc you have the thrill of being the first kid on the block to see many shows if you jump on show( previews or early in their runs. I could not be a frequent theatergoer without TDF. Really, I don't know how anyone (except the wealthy) can be a frequent theatergoer without using some kind of discounting service or discount codes.

Posted by: Joyfulone
YES!! l love TDF. No its not perfect. But I've been able to see so much more on- and off-broadway than I could normally afford. I've been very fortunate w/seating arrangements too. Not a bad seat yet. The most robust offerings tend to be non-weekend showtimes, so it reallv depends on what your schedule allows.

Posted by: prettyboysing
Think about it this way: if you buy one Broadway ticket per year, your membership has been paid for.

Posted by: davei2000
I like the way you put it. ("Robust"!) Most of the shows I want to see show up on TDF, if sometimes briefly. I would estimate that through TDF I get good or great seats 65% of the time on Broadway and 85% of the time off-Broadway...

Posted by: MistressAndy
An UNEQUIVOCAL yes...  The reasons?

1) Membership is only $25 a year.

2) You get things from TDF you could NEVER get through a papering organization.

3) I saw nearly everything that opened on Broadway last year (nearly because a super hot ticket won't show up anywhere for a discount) for $30. $30!!!

4) The organization itself is outstanding. Well run, the people themselves are lovely, and they support theatre in NYC high schools.

5) You can buy up to NINE tickets for any given show. Nine! That's a lot of tickets.

I could go on, but do I really need to? TDF is honestly the most amazing thing ever.

Posted by: ItsCalledHistory
Yes, I agree... TDF is a great option for those of us who are allowed access to it. Yes seats are sometimes lousy, but sometimes they're great too.

Posted by: barna99
Yes, to the question. Thanks to TDF I have seen many shows that I would not have seen otherwise. The seating is ok for me. Sometimes good, sometimes not, but....

Posted by: mattyp4
To reiterate what someone else mentioned, I wouldn't be a frequent theatergoer if it were not for TDF. And I am 26-- i.e., not exactly wealthy.

You can usually catch most Broadway shows in previews on TDF (most, not all), as well as plenty of Off-Broadway shows & special events. Broadway shows aren't limited to previews of course, but it's a common time for offers. Super huge juggernaut musicals won't appear though. So don't expect to catch things like "Young Frankenstein" or "Little Mermaid"... but I do remember a little show called "Jersey Boys" being offered in previews.

And again, $33 for anything-- let alone something like "Jersey Boys"-- is well worth it. To reiterate yet another poster, if you see just one show a year through TDF, the membership pays for itself.

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