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Who we are

Dedicated and committed to making live performance available to everyone

TDF Staff

Board of Trustees

TDF Staff

Deeksha Gaur, Executive Director
Michael Naumann
, Managing Director
Tina Kirsimae, Executive Assistant/Executive and Managing Directors

TDF Accessibility Programs
Lisa Carling
, Director of TDF Accessibility Programs
Frances Polino, Associate Director of Accessibility Programs
Alicia Ramirez, Manager of Accessibility Services
Vicki Bello, Coordinator of Veteran & Accessibility Programs
Ryan Howland, Accessibility Assistant

TDF Costume Collection Programs
Stephen Cabral, Director of the Costume Collection
Taylor Alfano, Administrator
Joey Haws, Rental Manager
Gabe Bagdazian, In-House Designer
Ariel Kregal, In-House Designer
Eddie Sanchez, Front Desk/Administrative Assistant

Whitney Estrin, Director of Development
Jaime Totti, Deputy Director of Development
Mallory Miller, Institutional Giving Manager
Kate Garst, Associate Director of Individual Giving and Events
Alexandria Achinapura, Individual Giving and Events Manager
Miranda Perez, Development Assistant

Digital Strategy
Christina Trivigno
, Director of Digital Strategy
Raven Snook, Editor of Creative Content & TDF Stages
Elyse Orecchio, Digital Content Manager
Tyler Riley, Digital and Dance Programs Manager
Nick Reit, Digital Strategy Assistant

TDF Education & Community Engagement Programs
Daniel Renner, Director of TDF Public Engagement Programs
Ginger Bartkoski Meagher, Director of TDF Education Programs
Gladys Perez-Mojica, Associate Director of Public Engagement Programs
Lisa Hershey, Associate Director of Education
David Rivas, Public Engagement Programs Coordinator

Owen Wiles
, Director of Finance and Administration
Sal Polizzi, Accounting Manager
Alana Atterbury, HR Generalist
Chris Kuiken, Finance and Payroll Associate
Michael Cifuentes, Finance Associate

David LeShay, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Kevin Dhaniram, Marketing Manager
Michael Yaccarino, Customer Experience Specialist
Diana Salah-Eldeen, Customer Experience Specialist

Office Management
Julie Williams, Office Manager

Tymand Staggs, Technology Director
Costas Michalopoulos, Associate Director of Technology
Kyle McNee, Technology Developer
Cheryl Schoonmaker, Technology Support Staff
Michelle St. Hill, Desktop Services Manager
Lori Moore, Tessitura Application Specialist

TDF Theatregoing Programs
Julian Christenberry, Director of Ticket Programs
Andrew Block, Manager Off & Off-Off Broadway Services
Jane Pfeffer, Ticket Department Manager
JoAnn Gall, Associate Ticket Coordinator
Rachel Finkelstein, Ticketing Department Associate

TKTS Discount Booths
William Roeder, TKTS Head Treasurer
John Cinelli, Assistant Treasurer
Michael McCarthy, Supervisor
Ann Ramirez, Supervisor
Brian Roeder, Supervisor
Chris Cintron
D. Desrocher
Craig Henninger
Wesley Heron
Shirley Martignetti
Pierre LaFontant
John Palumbo
John Sheehan

Samantha Dubin, TKTS Operations Manager

Board of Trustees

Gwen Marcus, Chair
Hector R. Lozada, Vice Chair
Robert Fried, Vice Chair/Treasurer
Amy Chin, Secretary


Holly Cohen
Sandy Danziger
Laurie Erlandson
Terry Fitzpatrick
Deeksha Gaur, Ex Officio
Joseph Giraldi
Robert T. Goldman
Mary Good
Nicole Manning Hart
Meg Herrman
Holly Hynes
Zak Karim
Jacqueline LiCalzi
Betsy Miller
Carol Wood Moore
Veena Mosur
Tom O'Connor
Penny Peters
Ruth Sarfaty
Eileen S. Silvers
Ari Teplitz
Earl D. Weiner
Donna Williams
Sandra Wishnick

Chairs Emeriti
August Heckscher (1967)
John E. Booth (1967-70)
George Backer (1970-73)
Stephen Benedict (1973-75; 1987-90)
Anna E. Crouse (1975-77; 1981-84)
Lloyd Richards (1977-81)
Edwin Wilson (1984-87)
David D. Holbrook (1990-97; 2005-08)
John F. Breglio (1997-2005)
Earl D. Weiner (2008-2022)

Founding Trustees
Stephen Benedict (1928-2020)
John E. Booth (1919-2008)
August Heckscher (1913-97)
Stuart W. Little (1921-2008)
John F. Wharton (1894-1977)