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Reach an audience of committed theatregoers. TDF has 100,000+ members who purchase hundreds of thousands of discounted tickets every year. TDF members are theatre lovers who take chances on new productions and can be a crucial source of word-of-mouth buzz. Tickets to most New York theatre, dance and music productions can be offered through this service at any time during the run of the show.

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TDF Costume Collection Programs

In operation for over 40 years, the TDF Costume Collection Rental Program offers costume rentals to film, television, digital media, art, dance, theatre, and cultural productions.

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The TDF website receives more than 500,000 unique visitors every week. Our Show Finder enables visitors to sort performance listings by genre, venue and whether we're selling discounted tickets. Make sure your show is where enthusiastic theatregoers can find it! We want to present your show to the public in the best possible light. To make your listing complete and inviting, please email us.