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Sell Tickets
Through TDF

Reach an audience of committed theatregoers. TDF has 100,000+ members who purchase hundreds of thousands of discounted tickets every year. TDF members are theatre lovers who take chances on new productions and can be a crucial source of word-of-mouth buzz. Tickets to most New York theatre, dance and music productions can be offered through this service at any time during the run of the show.
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TDF Costume Collection Programs

In operation for over 40 years, the TDF Costume Collection Rental Program offers costume rentals to film, television, digital media, art, dance, theatre, and cultural productions.

TDF National
Audience Research

As part of TDF’s commitment to supporting theatre makers, we periodically engage in research related to our fields of interest. We commission some research ourselves and in other instances we partner with our colleagues in performing arts service organizations across the country. Our primary area of research relates to audience development and looks to answer questions about how to increase audiences for live performing arts.
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TDF Grants and

TDF has grant and resource programs which are designed to help you build your audiences. These programs range from providing financial support to increasing collaboration among performing arts organizations thereby increasing productivity.

TDF Training And
Professional Development

As a service organization, TDF is committed to sharing its programmatic expertise to strengthen the skills of individuals working in education and the performing arts field. In addition, we help organizations implement more inclusive and accessible programming.

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Services For Theatre Companies

TDF is committed to strengthening theatre companies in a myriad of ways. We can help you sell your tickets, generating revenue and building audiences. Our Costume Collection can help enhance your physical production. And our research activity, grant programs and audience development resources are all aimed at helping you build and diversify your audiences.

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Services for Dance Companies

TDF is committed to strengthening dance companies as well. We can also help you sell tickets, generating revenue and building audiences. We can get the word out about your productions to subscribers specifically interested in dance and our Costume Collection can help enhance your physical productions.

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Support Materials

Explore TDF’s brand resource page. Here you may access our brand style guide, logos and other downloadable assets. Anyone using TDF’s assets should only use our official materials listed on this page. By downloading these materials, you agree to follow our guidelines and terms for use.

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