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Connecting through the arts

TDF’s education and engagement programs introduce the performing arts to new audiences in a meaningful way. We bring teachers and schools, individuals and students, communities and organizations to live theatre.

TDF Education Programs

Teacher Seminars

If you're looking to expand your arts teaching skills, consider enrolling in one of TDF's theatre education courses offered through the NYC Department of Education's After School Professional Development Program.

TDF Summer Teacher Seminar

Study Guides and Resources

Ready made tools for educators and students.

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TDF Public Engagement Programs

For Teachers

Our programs strengthen teachers in a variety of ways. We have programs to bring theatre and dance to your students in the classroom and in the theatre. We have programs that strengthen you as a teacher with professional development. We can help with student productions in your school. And we can enable you, as an education professional, to attend theatre and dance at significantly reduced prices.

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The Commercial
Theater Institute

Committed to the development and training of emerging producers, the Commercial Theater Institute provides resources and guidance to individuals interested in the various paths one can take towards creating commercial productions for the stage.