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We're here to say: it's for all of us.


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TDF Accessibility Programs provides a membership service for theatregoers who are hard of hearing or deaf, have low vision or are blind, who cannot climb stairs or who require aisle seating or wheelchair locations. We obtain seating according to need. There is no annual fee, but you must provide proof of eligibility.



Anybody who requires special seating or who may benefit from open captioning, sign language interpreting or audio description services as the result of a documented physical limitation is eligible to apply for TDF Accessibility Membership.


Accessible Seating

All accessibility seats are guaranteed to be in the orchestra so members who cannot climb stairs for medical reasons are easily accommodated. Members who use wheelchairs or are able to transfer from their wheelchair to an aisle can obtain the seating they require. Members who have low vision or hearing loss can order tickets that place them closer to the stage. Patrons who use service animals can obtain appropriate seating to accommodate them.

Learn more about mobility-related services available to TDF Accessibility Members.

Audio Description at Select Performances

For theatregoers who are blind, or have moderate to severe vision loss, we provide audio description services at select performances. Audio described performances provide a specially trained describer who verbalizes what's happening on stage during pauses in dialogue. The describer uses a headset microphone, while individuals using the service listen through a receiver with a single earpiece. Audio Described performances occasionally also include a pre-performance touch tour. Touch tours provide an opportunity for theatregoers who are blind or partially-sighted to familiarize themselves with the set ahead of the performance.

Learn more about audio description services available to TDF Accessibility Members.

Open Captioning at Select Performances

For patrons with slight to profound hearing loss, TDF provides open caption services at select performances. During open captioned performances, an electronic text display is positioned to the side of the stage, which shows what the actors are saying or singing and describes sound effects on stage.

Learn more about captioning services available to TDF Accessibility Members.

Sign Language Interpreting at Select Performances

For theatregoers who are Deaf and use American Sign Language as their primary means of communication, we provide a team of experienced theatre interpreters who stand to the side of the stage and translate what the actors are saying or singing into American Sign Language (ASL).

Learn more about sign language services available to TDF Accessibility Members.

Tickets are mailed to members, with the exception of occasional e-offers, in which case you will be instructed to pick your tickets up at the box office. To contact TDF Accessibility Programs, click here to send an email.