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Podcasts with America's seminal directors and choreographers

Enjoy rare insights into how theatre is made with this podcast interview series produced by Stage Directors and Choreographers Workshop Foundation (SDCF) and co-presented by TDF. Browse three decades of priceless one-on-one conversations and panel discussions with distinguished theatre and dance luminaries.

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Emerging Artists Symposium: Plays

Date: Jun 17, 2013


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On June 17th, 2013, Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation hosted a symposia with the Director of Artistic Development at Manhattan Theatre Club, Jerry Patch. In this symposia, Patch discusses how new play development differs between New York and the regions and explores the tradeoffs involved in working in each arena. He examines how working in the regions removes certain casting pressures, but adds challenges, such as limited time to tech productions. Patch goes on to discuss the relationships between directors, dramaturgs and playwrights. He contends that in order for directors to develop healthy and long-lasting relationships with writers, they [the directors] must establish mutual trust and a shared vision of the play at the start of a given process. Overall, it is perhaps Patch’s statement that directors are ‘interpretive, not seminal artists’ that best captures his expressions on directing throughout the symposia. Listen to learn more about Patch’s views on the role of directors and the new play developmental process in this podcast.