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Enjoy rare insights into how theatre is made with this podcast interview series produced by Stage Directors and Choreographers Workshop Foundation (SDCF) and co-presented by TDF. Browse three decades of priceless one-on-one conversations and panel discussions with distinguished theatre and dance luminaries.

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Managing Your Career

Date: Jan 01, 1999


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In 1999, SDCF held a panel on Managing Your Career featuring panelists Steve Bolerjack, Leigh Giroux, Noah Kimerling, Brett Singer and Ross Wisdom to discuss their various areas of expertise - accounting and taxes, legal issues, and publicity - and how to apply their knowledge to better run the business of your artistic career so that you can grow and develop your professional life. These noted industry professionals share their approaches and answer questions regarding topics as varied as the Home Office Rule, Copyright Law, "backgrounders", freelance income and staff income. Throughout the conversation, you learn about approaches to public relations that stress the importance of finding deep meaning in your work and being able to write about it, defining and reaching your audience in cost-effective ways, and how to obtain a useful media list. This comprehensive conversation will equip listeners to better manage the business side of their professional lives.