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How TDF Member Teresa Coico Met Hugh Jackman's Dog

Date: Mar 30, 2015
Welcome to Meet the Member, where TDF members let you know which shows they love

Today's member
: Teresa Coico, who joined TDF in 2005. She currently lives in New Jersey and works at Community Education Centers, which runs programs to help prisoners reenter society.


Mark Blankenship, Editor of TDF Stages
: Hi Teresa! Thanks for talking to me today. I'd love to know… when did you start going to the theatre?

Teresa Coico
: My mom took me to see shows. I remember we used to go to the Radio City Christmas Show, and in high school, I remember I saw Evita with Patti LuPone. And there were certain shows that struck me, so I'd go repeatedly. In the mid-nineties I saw Grease a lot because the actor who played Danny Zuko I knew from my soap opera.

: Do you still see your favorite shows more than once?

: Yes! I have seen quite a few shows numerous times. The last one I loved the most was The Last Ship, and I saw that a lot with TDF. The cast was amazing. The story was about a love triangle and about the father and son, and I loved that. And I thought Sting wrote an absolutely beautiful show.

: What it does it take for a show to make you a repeat audience member?


: Sometimes it's the actors or it just being a lovely show. Sometimes I wanted something that I enjoyed thinking about because I was tired of thinking about other stuff that was happening. I remember specifically when Hugh Jackman was in The Boy From Oz, I bought a ticket for my birthday in June. I was floored, and after it was over, I just went right around and bought more tickets. And then in August I lost my dog. And I'm a big dog person. After I lost him in August, I was at that show constantly until it closed in mid-September.

: Based on the photos you sent me, it looks like you've met a few Broadway stars! Can you tell me how you got your photos taken with Hugh Jackman and Andy Karl?

: Hugh and Andy both know me, as I have been their fan for many years. They know me by name, and I always get a hug and a kiss when I see them. I have been backstage to see both of them also!

Hugh actually let me pet his new dog, Allegra, during The River. Hugh knows I'm a big dog lover, and when he started bringing her to the show, I asked if I could pet her. Someone on the staff usually rushed her in as it was so cold, but one day after I had seen him on the line going in, I never noticed the dog going in. After Hugh passed me and went on to other people, all of a sudden he started calling me and told me to go inside. I was planning to go in anyway as it was so cold, and when I walked in there was a staff member holding the dog so I could pet her. He remembered and told me to go in!

They are both really wonderful men to all their fans, and they have been great to me.


Note: This conversation has been edited for length and clarity

Photos courtesy of Teresa Coico