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Mask Hacks for Theatregoers with Glasses or Hearing Aids

Date: Oct 15, 2021


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Glasses fogging up? Hearing aids getting tangled in your mask? We have solutions!


Returning to in-person performances has been thrilling, and theatres are enforcing rules to keep audiences safe. That means masks for everyone, which is usually no big deal—unless you wear glasses or hearing aids. Glasses invariably fog up, and ears can get stretched thin (literally) with dueling loops from masks and hearing aids. To find solutions to these issues, we turned to the most avid theatregoers we know, TDF members, for their suggestions!

For Theatregoers Who Wear Glasses

I wear glasses and work in a school, so masks are required every day. I found that if I use a disposable mask with an accordion-folded tissue under the nose wire, no fog!—Allie

If you sew, look up the face mask tutorial by àplat. Having the box pleat means that the mask can tuck under my glasses, stopping them from fogging.—Eleano B.

Good tip for preventing glasses fog: Take soap and rub it on both sides of your lenses. Then use one of those cleaning cloths you receive when you first get the glasses to rub it off. Works like a charm! Click here for a tutorial.— Saritah

I use a basic surgical mask and put the metal piece high on the bridge of my nose, clamp it tight and place my glasses over it.—Jenn B.

With paper masks, pinching the top and twisting the straps helps.—Bryce B.

Try fog spray on your lenses. Works well.—Carol

I have found some KN95 masks that have a foam piece on the inside under the wire nosepiece and it's helped a lot. They also make foam nose bridge pieces that you can stick on the inside of your masks.—Lisa Ackerman

Jaanuu makes scrubs for nurses and great cloth masks. Look for the companies that make things for medical personnel.— Karen M.

I use KN95 masks. They seem to sit tighter than the others.—Maryellen

I use origami/3D masks and they work great!—Clayton B.

Outdoor Research face masks! They have a nose pinch to prevent fogging and come with three removable filters.—Debbie M.

I like The Singer's Mask. It makes me look like Donald Duck, but at my age I don't care!—Ginnie D.

My masks from Stark's Vacuums work well combined with FogBlock by NerdWax.—Danielle S.

For Theatregoers Who Use Hearing Aids

Mask extenders are invaluable to wearers of hearing aids. They keep the straps off your ears—no one wants to feel earmaskulated.—Vincent T.

I use masks with straps that go around my head rather than behind my ears. I wear both hearing aids and glasses. There's too much going on behind my ears already!—Margery K.

I have a crocheted piece with buttons on the ends that connects the ear loops behind my head. This keeps the loops from knocking my hearing aids, glasses and earrings off my ears. My audiologist gave it to me and it works great.—Ruth D.

My husband can't have anything sit on his ears due to surgery. He uses lanyards to hold the elastic back.—Amanda K.

I have a couple different kinds of "ear savers" so I can hook the ear loop on them so there's room for my hearing aids.—Jay Linds

Know of other great mask hacks for theatregoers who wear glasses or hearing aids? Add your solutions in the comments!


Raven Snook is the Editor of TDF Stages. Follow her at @RavenSnook. Follow TDF at @TDFNYC.

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