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The Cheapest Seats

Date: Aug 17, 2007


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The Theatre Development Fund's TKTS booth is justly famous for its half-price offerings of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. But what about Off-Off-Broadway? This thriving alternative realm of New York theatre already boasts pretty cheap seats, but now TDF is offering the ticket-buying public the option of even lower prices, and the chance to sample a range of live performances at a cost that's less than movie tickets.

With TDF's newly retooled Voucher Program, patrons can purchase a set of four vouchers for just $36. That's just $9 a ticket. This deal was once available only to TDF members, but now anyone can buy vouchers--and do it online.

And now, with the NY Fringe Festival filling up downtown's Off-Off-Broadway venues, theatregoers have the perfect opportunity to try TDF's Voucher Program. But don't feel rushed-the vouchers are good for a full year from the date of purchase, so if you don't burn through all four tickets at the Fringe, you can come back Off-Off-Broadway whenever the mood strikes you.

It's true that tickets to the Fringe run $15, and $9 isn't quite half off-but at these prices, who's going to worry about $1.50? That's less than a subway fare. TDF's Voucher Program is a great way to introduce yourself to Off-Off-Broadway's all-you-can-see buffet of experimental, edgy theatre, dance and music. With the price of theatre these days, this is a deal you almost can't afford to pass up.

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