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WATCH: A 'Bad Cinderella' TDF Conversation

Date: Apr 18, 2023

Grace McLean and Carolee Carmello on playing the devious divas in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical rom-com


The title heroine in Broadway's Bad Cinderella may have a bad rap, but the real villains in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical rom-com are scheming Stepmother Carolee Carmello and loopy Queen Grace McLean... or are they? According to these hilarious performers, who stop the show nightly with their comically catty duet "I Know You," their allegedly evil characters are just misunderstood moms who want the best for their children. We brought these costars together to talk about their favorite eye-popping costumes, their funniest on-stage mishaps and why playing bad feels so good. If you weren't able to tune in live you can watch a recording below. Captions are available.


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Top image: Grace McLean and Carolee Carmello in Bad Cinderella. Photo by Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman.