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WATCH: A 'Some Like It Hot' TDF Conversation

Date: Mar 03, 2023

J. Harrison Ghee and Kevin Del Aguila on starring in the new Broadway musical comedy

Who's the hottest couple on Broadway this season? Nope, it's not Cinderella and her Prince, Romeo and Juliet or Guenevere and Lancelot. In our opinion, it's Some Like It Hot's Daphne and Osgood, a beautiful nonbinary bass player and the eccentric, many-times-married millionaire who realizes he's finally found his soulmate. As played by Broadway vets J. Harrison Ghee and Kevin Del Aguila, they are absolutely swoon-worthy as well as hilarious in this zany musical comedy based on the classic film of the same name. We brought these costars together to talk about their craziest on-stage mishaps, Daphne and Osgood's post-curtain future and what it was like meeting show producer Mariah Carey. If you weren't able to tune in live you can watch a recording below. Captions are available.

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Top image: Kevin Del Aguila and J. Harrison Ghee, center, in Some Like It Hot on Broadway. Photo by Marc J. Franklin.