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WATCH: Gibney's Spring Season

Date: Apr 25, 2018

A few weeks ago, we went behind the scenes at Gibney to give you an intimate look at how this downtown dance hub crafts performances and fosters community. We continue our coverage of this singular performing arts organization with a pair of mini-documentaries about Gibney's upcoming split bill -- Senior Company Director Amy Miller's Valence and guest choreographer Bryan Arias's One Thousand Million Seconds -- which runs May 3 to 5. In the first video, the two choreographers share insights about their creative process; in the second, dancer Nigel Campbell talks about performing such different yet complementary works. Since dance is best seen, I'll shut up now and let you click play! As of this writing, we're selling discounted tickets to TDF members for these performances.

These videos were directed by Lauren Phoenix Kay, and shot and edited by Nicholas Guldner of Mad Hatter Media.



Top image: Nigel Campbell, left, at Gibney. Photo by Scott Shaw.