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WATCH: Meet Eddie Izzard, Star of 'Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations'

By: Elyse Orecchio
Date: Dec 14, 2022

Happy opening to Eddie Izzard's solo show Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations! A stage adaptation of Dickens' iconic novel written by Izzard's brother Mark, the play features many of the English author's most popular characters—all of whom are portrayed by the celebrated stand-up and Tony nominee. TDF talked to the Izzard siblings and director Selina Cadell about putting a Pip in Izzard's step and transforming a literary classic into theatre. 



Top image: Eddie Izzard. Photo by Elyse Orecchio.

Elyse Orecchio is TDF's Digital Content Manager. Follow her on Instagram at @elyseo. Follow TDF on Instagram at @TDFNYC.