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WATCH: Meet the Cast of 'How to Dance in Ohio' on Broadway

By: Elyse Orecchio
Date: Jan 11, 2024

"It's not just about being invited to the party. It's being asked to dance." That's a popular aphorism among the cast and creatives of How to Dance in Ohio, a new musical based on the HBO documentary of the same name about a group of autistic young adults preparing for a spring formal. We chatted with the seven stars of this uplifting and eye-opening show, which marks the first time autistic performers have played autistic characters on Broadway. Find out how they define autism, their excitement at being on Broadway and their hopes for the future of accessibility in the theatre industry.

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Elyse Orecchio is TDF's Digital Content Manager. Follow her on Instagram at @elyseo. Follow TDF on Instagram at @TDFNYC.