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WATCH: TDF's Conversation with 'Moulin Rouge!'s Bohemian BFFs

Date: Mar 19, 2021

It's no surprise that our TDF chat featuring Moulin Rouge!'s romantic leading men Aaron Tveit, Sahr Ngaujah and Ricky Rojas felt like a party—these guys are even closer off-stage than they are on! Their camaraderie was on full display as they shared what they've been doing (and where they've been living!) during the pandemic, their hopes for Broadway's future and behind-the-scenes stories about the musical they miss so much. If you weren't able to tune in live on our Facebook page, you can watch a recording of their intimate conversation below.

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Top image: Sahr Ngaujah, Aaron Tveit and Ricky Rojas in Moulin Rouge! on Broadway. Photo by Matthew Murphy.