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WATCH: TDF's Conversation with Theatre Critics of Color

Date: Jul 20, 2021

Jose Solís, Alicia Ramírez and Juan Michael Porter II on their careers and the future of the industry


Jose Solís, Alicia Ramírez and Juan Michael Porter II have a lot in common. All three are passionate about the performing arts and have written theatre articles and reviews for prestigious publications, including The New York Times, American Theatre, The Washington Post and TDF Stages. They're also accustomed to often being some of the few non-white audience members at shows—but that's something they're actively working to change. TDF's Tyler Riley moderated an urgent and insightful conversation with these critics and activists about the obstacles they've faced, their hopes for the industry as it reopens and their work to diversify theatre on the other side of the footlights. If you weren't able to tune in live on our Facebook page, you can watch a recording below. Captions are available.

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Top image: Alicia Ramírez, Juan Michael Porter II and Jose Solís.