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WATCH: TDF's 'Phantom of the Opera' Conversation

Date: Feb 16, 2022

Emilie Kouatchou and John Riddle chat about costarring in Broadway's longest running show

When The Phantom of the Opera premiered on Broadway in 1988, Emilie Kouatchou and John Riddle, the production's current Christine Daaé and Raoul, weren't even born! But both grew up loving the musical and dreaming of starring in it one day. Well, that day has arrived and, in Kouatchou's case, she's making history as the first Black performer to play Christine Daaé on Broadway. On stage they portray lovers whose relationship is threatened by a masked man who lurks beneath the Paris Opera House, but offstage they are close friends who constantly crack each other up. Earlier this week, Kouatchou and Riddle shared Phan-tastic behind-the-scenes tales on TDF's Facebook page. If you weren't able to tune in live, you can watch a recording below. Captions are available.

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Top image: John Riddle and Emilie Kouatchou in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Photo by Matthew Murphy.