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Fresh Fruit Festival 2023

Opening Date: Apr 24, 2023

Closing Date: May 07, 2023

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wild project

195 East 3rd St New York, NY 10009

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New York’s preeminent LGBTQ arts festival returns for another season of exciting work on stage, on film and on the air. The Fresh Fruit Festival 2023 Main-Stage premieres a dozen new works exploring the LGBTQ experience. The Fresh Fruit Festival was the creation of two long established LGBT community arts groups: New Village Productions and All Out Arts. Now the festival is presented by All Out Arts to celebrate the LGBTQ community’s unique perspective, creativity & diversity – local, national, and international – on stage, on film, and on the air.

OPENING EVENT: Meet You Downstairs
4/24 @ 8 PM, 4/26 @ 8:30 PM, 4/30 @ 1 PM
A queer millennial’s coming out/coming of age seriocomedy told through the lens of the vibrant/intimate relationships that help shape her.

Angel on Eros
4/28 @ 6:30 PM, 4/29 @ 3:30 PM, 4/30 @ 7:30 PM
A gay, Hispanic artist immortalizes a young restaurant owner, unleashing more drama than either anticipated.

Cornflake Pie
5/4 @ 6:30 PM, 5/5 @ 8:45 PM, 5/7 @ 3:15 PM
You need to try Cornflake Pie! A queer Thanksgiving family comedy in which lives unravel and recombine in extraordinary fashion.

Cowgirl Summer
5/2 @ 6:30 PM, 5/3 @ 8:30 PM, 5/6 @ 7:15 PM
Can twin sisters, obsessed with fan fiction, survive the anonymous world of the Internet?

4/25 @ 7 PM, 4/29 @ 5:30 PM, 4/30 @ 5:15 PM
Eelpout is a fast-paced, surreal farce, where friends are lovers, fish can talk and life’s mysteries beckon from the bottom of a frozen lake.

5/5 @ 6:30 PM, 5/6 @ 3 PM, 5/7 @ 1 PM
Teacher – Student? or Master – Slave?

Fruits on Film – An evening of ”Very-Q” Short Films
4/29 @ 8 PM
Hosted by Jed Ryan and our inimitable “Lady Clover Honey,” with music, comedy, drama, horror, drag, nudity, Lesbian dating and Real Housewives of New Jersey! 

Mr. Oatmeal
4/26 @ 6:30 PM, 4/27 @ 9 PM, 4/30 @ 3:15 PM
You can’t resist Mister Oatmeal. But is love enough of a reason to keep something alive?

SUDDEN SHORTS – a 1-Act play mini-fest
5/1 @ 8:30 PM, 5/7 @ 5:45 PM
Featuring: DRIP by Max Mooney & Fettuccine by Queen Tiye.

Taking The Plunge
5/3 @ 6:30 PM, 5/4 @ 6:45 PM, 5/6 @ 5:15 PM
Sooner or later, we all have to. Exploring the beauty of change and growth we follow a young person with trans-masculine identity, and get right to the heart of what ‘experience’ is really all about.

The 7 Unlucky Passengers at the End of the World
5/1 @ 6:30 PM, 5/2 @ 8:30 PM, 5/6 @ 1 PM
Seven people (and a ghost), collected over the centuries, are imprisoned by a “time traveler” – trapped within his idea of paradise.

SPECIAL FEATURED EVENT: Transformation – the Christine Jorgensen musical
4/27 @ 6:30 PM, 4/28 @ 8:30 PM, 4/29 @ 1 PM
An unforgettable musical of the story you think you know, about the world’s first trans superstar.
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