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?!:New Works 2023

Opening Date: Apr 05, 2023

Closing Date: Aug 26, 2023

?!:New Works 2023 Show Site Icon

Playing @

The Brick

575 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

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?!:New Works is a yearly multi-week festival of 1-20 minute new works in all mediums featuring your most brilliant/disastrous ideas! The spiritual successor to The Exponential Festival, ?!:New Works features a veritable slew of experiment(al)(ing) artists from a variety of disciplines presenting brand new work. Working it out. With each other. With you. All within a few weeks.

APRIL 5-22
April 5 – lumberob, Marissa Joyce Stamps and Russell Nichols, Madison Fargo, Home for a Swarm of Bees
April 6 – Charlene Jean, Andres Osorio, Erin Proctor
April 7 – Mike Steele, Charlie Chauca, Emmanuelle Zagoria, Justine-Juliette
April 8 – Nick Anselmo, Graham Techler, Cameron Barnett, Kevin Laibson
April 9 – Marija Krtolica, Sofia Engelman, Taiwo Aloba, Enrique Huili
April 12 – Sofia Engelman, Brynn Hambley, Taiwo Aloba, Mason Cummings
April 13 – Charlene Jean, Abs Wilson, James LaBella, Kevin Laibson
April 14 – Thomas Woodward Davis, Madeleine Yu-Phelps, Erin Proctor, Justine-Juliette
April 15 – Andres Osorio, Emmanuelle Zagoria, Abs Wilson, Charlene Jean
April 16 – Marija Krtolica, Enrique Huili, Nick Alselmo, Rebecca Patek
April 18 – Taiwo Aloba, Mason Cummings, Nick Alselmo, Rebecca Patek
April 19 – Graham Techler, James LaBella, Madeleine Yu-Phelps, Nathan Repasz
April 20 – Leonie Bell, Marissa Joyce Stamps and Russell Nichols, Home for a Swarm of Bees, Simon Henriques, Mike Steele
April 21 – lumberob, Charlie Chauca, Marissa Joyce Stamps and Russell Nichols, Lee Harrison Daniel
April 22 – Leonie Bell, Nathan Repasz, Charlie Chauca, Madeleine Yu-Phelps, Madison Fargo

JUNE 19-24
June 19 – Art Kopischke, Mark WIlson, Miranda Brown and Noa Weiss, Daniel Holzman
June 20 – Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin, Mark Wilson, Meaghan Robichaud and Matthew Antoci, TJ Lewis
June 21 – Nazlah Black, Daniel Holzman, Amanda Xeller, Adin Lenahan
June 22 – Nazlah Black, Art Kopischke, Bailey Williams+Emma Horwitz, Meaghan Robichaud and Matthew Antoci
June 23 – Miranda Brown and Noa Weiss, TJ Lewis, Adin Lenahan, Lizz Bogaard
June 24 – Amanda Xeller, Bailey Williams+Emma Horwitz, Nazlah Black, Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin, Lizz Bogaard

AUGUST 15-26
August 15 – Colin Heininger, Mia Raye Smith, Sara Ashley, Jude Gallegos
August 16 – Colin Heininger, an_outskirt, Lids/Ellen/+Sam, Alexis Cofield and Danielle Covington
August 17 – Mada Harb, Jerrod Jordahl, Alexis Cofield and Danielle Covignton, Maria Milagros
August 18 – Patrick Vermillion, Kelsey Sullivan, Lianne Elsouki, Alyssa Haddad-Chin
August 19 – Beth Golison, Rachel Weekley, Alyssa Haddad-Chin, Caroline Burkhart, Charles Green
August 22 – Mia Raye Smith, Sara Ashley, an_outskirt, Jerrod Jordahl
August 23 – Jude Gallegos, Alexis Cofield and Daniel Covington, Caroline Burkhart, Mada Harb
August 24 – Maria Milagros, Caroline Burkhart, Genevieve Simon, Alyssa Haddad-Chin
August 25 – Genevieve Simon, Kelsey Sullivan, Scout Davis, Lianne Elsouki
August 26 – Scout Davis, Lianne Eslouki, Patrick Vermillion, Rachel Weekley, Charles Green
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COVID-19 Safety Information

Proof of vaccination and masks are required.

Performance Schedule:

This year, ?!:New Works will take place April 5-22, June 19-24 and August 15-26.

Visit for full festival schedules.

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Same level as theatre.

Directions Subway

L to Lorimer or the G to Metropolitan and walk half a block


Seats 70.

Visual Assistance


Water Fountain

Concession Stand on same level as theatre.

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