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Scrambled Eggs

First Preview: Oct 11, 2023

Opening Date: Oct 13, 2023

Closing Date: Oct 29, 2023

Running Time: 02:00

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Playing @

Gene Frankel Theatre

24 Bond St New York, NY 10012

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Faith Steps Productions and 24 Bond Arts Center present the world premiere of Scrambled Eggs by Reginald L. Wilson in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, directed by Fulton C. Hodges. The play reveals the underpinnings and dynamics of domestic violence with a compelling fictional story that can incite conversation, build understanding and inspire advocacy. Audience members are encouraged to wear purple to demonstrate support and show survivors they are not alone. (Across the country, people will “Go Purple" on October 20 to spread awareness.)
The play is a two-act family drama illustrating this major public health problem in a richly drawn, made-up middle-class family. Its central character, Terrence, is a construction worker in his 40s who doesn't stay employed long and indulges in alcohol and marijuana. He and Sable are married with one son, a primary schooler named Lil T. At first Terrence is presented as a doting father to Lil T, but it is only because his abuser's tactics are artfully concealed. He is destructive toward the boy, but his primary focus is on his wife. He spies on her with hidden recording devices and manipulates her for her money, including grabbing for himself from birthday gifts she has received from her parents. The parents, indulgent and protective toward their daughter, are only getting intimations that something is wrong. Sable is clearly warned that her relationship will deteriorate into family violence by her best friend Janice, who has become a psychologist and counselor for abused women in reaction to her own abusive relationship. Sable, having long ago accepted Terrence's behaviors, will not believe she is being abused. 
Terrence's best friend, Shawn, finds himself rekindling a romantic relationship with Janice. Their relationship illustrates a hopeful path back for survivors of family violence who may be scarred by the experience. But neither this couple nor Sable's parents are able to protect Sable when Terrence's mental abuse becomes physical. Following a regrettable incident, Terrence manipulates Sable to believe that he didn't mean to assault her and that he will get help. He relates a story of being abused in his childhood and how he didn't know that he, himself, was being abusive. It is another manipulation tactic. The drama ends in a cliffhanger.
Age Guidance

Age Guidance: 18

Show Notes

Show Notes: 1 intermisison

Audience Advisory:

This play is not suitable for children under 17 due to subject matter and language. The production contains obscenities & may be disturbing to some who have been involved in Domestic Violence.

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Fulton C. Hodges

Written by

Reginald L. Wilson

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