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Coastal Elites: Skedaddle Bar + Laughing in Los Angeles

Opening Date: Nov 29, 2023

Closing Date: Dec 09, 2023

Coastal Elites: Skedaddle Bar + Laughing in Los Angeles Show Site Icon

Playing @

Luv Story Bar

894 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

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Adult Film presents Coastal Elites, an evening of two short plays about NYC and LA. Skedaddle Bar is written by Joey Merlo (On Set with Theda Bara) and directed by Jack Serio (On Set with Theda Bara). In the play, two men meet in a bar after a serendipitous swipe right, but a meet-cute soon swirls into a psychosexual escapade. Laughing in Los Angeles, written and directed by Jess Barbagallo (Snatch Adams & Tainty McCracken Present It’s That Time of the Month), follows a New Yorker’s short stay on the West Coast as they navigate new friendships, deceptively breezy social interactions, niche literary communities and performance anxiety on and off the stage.

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