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First Preview: Feb 08, 2024

Opening Date: Feb 11, 2024

Closing Date: Feb 23, 2024

Running Time: 01:15

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Playing @


145 6th Ave New York, NY 10013

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Teddy hopes to find closure on the time in his life with Clark, a former classmate, and brings us into the past where it all began: 7th grade at a new school in the early 2000s. After being shunned by the rest of their classmates, Teddy and Clark have a sleepover that takes an unexpected and uncomfortable direction. They then fall out of touch when Clark is expelled until Teddy receives an AIM message from Clark late in the night.

The conversation incites an online communication over a decade that’s part friendship, part adversary, part sexual exploration. As their communication progresses, it bleeds into Teddy’s own life and sense of intimacy, identity and sexuality. Teddy once again fails to find closure in re-telling this experience to an audience and forces us to question our own perception of what really happened.
Show Notes

Show Notes: No intermission

Audience Advisory:

Content warnings: Sexual content, sexual violence, sexual coercion & assault, gaslighting, harsh language, all involving adolescents

Performance Schedule:


Added performance February 17 @ 2 PM


Ryan Dobrin

Written by

Ryan Drake

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Wheelchair Info

removable seating.


Mainstage seats 99 / Dorothy B. Williams Theatre Seats 74.


There is an elevator that takes you to the lower level thatre.

Curb Ramps



houses two performance spaces - the 99-seat Mainstage and the 74-seat Dorothy B. Williams Theatre (down one flight of stairs); art galleries, and a café. The building entrance is street level


located on both levels

Water Fountain

There is a cafe



Assisted Listening System

some hearing aids.

Visual Assistance


Folding Armrests


Directions Subway

C,E to Spring St.; 1 to Houston St.; R,W to Prince St.

Directions Bus

M21 to Houston St.; M6 to Spring St.

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C,E to Spring St.; 1 to Houston St.; R,W to Prince St.

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M21 to Houston St.; M6 to Spring St.