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Dead Brains

First Preview: Jan 17, 2024

Opening Date: Jan 28, 2024

Closing Date: Mar 03, 2024

Running Time: 01:10

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Playing @

Feverdream Lounge at Baker Falls

101 Avenue A New York, NY 10009

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In Dead Brains, Henry and Philly have gotten a little caught up in the fantasy. No truth. No regret. No boundaries. Artist and muse, they are idols in their own minds. Enter Corey—vulnerable and real. Now a decision must be made about his role in their game. It’s time to change the rules. Again and again and again.
Age Guidance

Age Guidance: 21

Audience Advisory:

Please be advised Dead Brains contains moments of intense sexuality and violence.

Performance Schedule:

January 17-19:

Beginning January 28:


Erik Champney

Written by

Erik Champney

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