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New York City Fringe 2024

Opening Date: Apr 03, 2024

Closing Date: Apr 21, 2024

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Site Specific Location New York City, NY 00000

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New York City Fringe (formerly the FRIGID Fringe Festival) is FRIGID's flagship festival and will be presented at three venues this year: UNDER St. Marks, the wild project and 14Y Theater, along with Bring Your Own Venue site-specific programming. It is an open, lottery-based theater festival that gives artists an opportunity to let their ingenuity thrive in an environment that values freedom of expression and artistic determination. In true support of the Indie Theater Community, 100% of box office proceeds go directly to the artists whose work is being presented.

Selected productions include:
The Princess Strikes Back: One Woman's Search for the Space Cowboy of her Dreams
Written & Performed by Victoria Montalbano (Chicago, IL)
In 1997, 13-year-old Victoria Montalbano was introduced to her perfect man, Han Solo, and she's been looking for him ever since. In this "powerhouse performance", watch her grow from awkward theatre kid to professional out of work actress while swiping her way through a galaxy far, far away! "The force is strong with this fresh, funny celebration of fangirldom!"

A Little Less Than Kind
Written by & Performed by Gracie Rittenberg
Presented by Bluebird Theatre Company (New York, NY)
A Little Less Than Kind by Gracie Rittenberg is a genderbent adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Rittenberg stars as Hannah, the caustic bisexual heir to a Silicon Valley Tech Company. While ALLTK adapts Hamlet into the modern day, it also brings the laughs, skewering Shakespeare’s classic and the tech industry alike. 

Joy Ride
Written & Performed by Meredith Brandt (New York, NY)
Sticky cup holders. License plate bingo. And a whole lotta Meat Loaf. Join musical comedian Meredith Brandt as she shares stories from the backseat of her family's 2006 Toyota Sienna, told entirely through song parodies inspired by the albums that were forever stuck in the minivan's once-high-tech multi-disc CD player.

Written & Performed by Seán Griffin (Queens, NY)
Solitary confinement is anything but quiet. Sammy scatters crumbs from his meals to bring out a mouse, who he named Marcelle, to talk to. All just to pass the time. Only, this mealtime, his Marcelle doesn't show. An intimate play that examines the cruelty of solitary confinement, regardless the reason it's issued, regardless the crime of the person. 

The Importance of Being Anxious 
Written & Performed by Hal Cantor 
Presented by Made From Concentrate (Lake Worth Beach, FL)
After getting raves in London and Los Angeles, The Importance of Being Anxious brings the angst to where it belongs: New York City. Featuring the voice of Ricki Lake, Anxious is Hal Cantor's painfully hilarious coming-of-middle-age comedy about coming out late. With lots of gay sex. What’s not to love?

Miss Adventure 
Written & Performed by Rachel Pallante (Austin, TX)
What if Bette Midler and Jerry Garcia had a love child? Hop on the Magic Mushroom School Bus as one woman journeys down the Rabbit Hole and Over the Rainbow in a multimedia Choose Your Own Adventure musical comedy experience. Can she survive Cult Leaders, Law Enforcement and Bears? Oh My! You will choose her fate live!

Walt Kelly's Songs of the Pogo
Presented by Frank Farrell Productions (Ridgewood, New Jersey)
Walt Kelly's Songs of the Pogo recreates the hysterical, imaginative and wonderful world of cartoonist Walt Kelly. In this musical revue, suitable for the whole family, the writings, songs and comic strip stories are mixed with Kelly’s personal memoirs and a magazine interview with comic book creator Gil Kane. Walt Kelly's Songs of the Pogo, directed by Frank Farrell, will include Broadway performer Aisha de Hass and Danny Crawford as Walt.

Too Much of a Good Thing
Written & Performed by Rachel Redleaf
Presented by RAR Entertainment (New York, NY)
From barely qualifying for The Itty Bitty Titty Committee to being president of The Big Booby Brigade, join Rachel and her two breast friends on a journey of chestal development. Best known for portraying Mama Cass in Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Beth in Netflix's Atypical, Rachel's over the top body and personality are on full display in this comedic extravaganza! 

The Fountain
Written & Directed by Tony Patryn
Presented by Patrynize Productions (New York, NY)
Two strangers from different time periods become traveling companions when they find themselves lost in a giant labyrinth. While attempting to find a way out, they stumble upon a mysterious fountain being watched over by a stone guardian who promises them anything they wish...but for a price. 

Clown Bar 2
Presented by SparkPlug Productions (New York, NY)
Written by Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Andrew Block
Return to the scene of the crime for the highly-anticipated NYC premiere of Clown Bar 2, follow-up to the hit noir-thriller-comedy-NYT Critic's Pick by Adam Szymkowicz. There's been a murder at Clown Bar. Grab a drink and a seltzer-gun and follow two cops undercover to crack the case as you immerse yourself in the clown crime underworld at Parkside Lounge.

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