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Origin 1st Irish Theatre Festival 2024

Opening Date: Mar 23, 2024

Closing Date: Apr 28, 2024

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Site Specific Location New York City, NY 10003

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Since 2002 Origin has been telling stories that stir the emotions and explore cultural identity from fresh new voices. For two decades Origin has established itself as the gateway to North America for Europe’s most respected award-winning playwrights. They connect with international theatre makers, nurture the next generation of playwrights and launch the best of what Ireland & Europe has to offer in New York.

With the launch of the annual 1st Irish Festival in 2008, they've continued this mission, bringing even more new work to New York and promoting the talent of artists and theatre companies from throughout the United States and Ireland. 1st Irish has presented works by over 250 Irish playwrights in its history.

2024 productions include:
Philadelphia, Here I Come!
by Brian Friel
Set in 1962, this classic bittersweet comedy revolves around the young Gar O’Donnell on the eve of his departure from Ireland to America. Gar’s heartache from losing his girlfriend to a successful businessman propels him to accept an invitation to go and live with an aunt in Philadelphia. Despite the wild fantasies of what life in America might hold, and his yearning to escape the tedium of small town Ballybeg, a kind word from his taciturn father could change his mind.

by Pat Kinevane
Living alone in Cork, Ireland, Luther is troubled but mischievous, lonely but hopeful. While he prepares for a big night out as an Elvis impersonator he reflects on his past and dares to dream of the future…maybe even of romance. Like Ireland itself he’s been stepped on many times but keeps on dancing. Keeps his humor. Keeps seeking light in the darkness. Soon Luther’s evening unfurls into a mad tango between memory and wonder.

Peace & Love in Brooklyn
by Eamon O'Tuama
Peace and Love in Brooklyn, a new Irish musical by Eamon O’Tuama, follows the lives of Jim, an anxiety ridden musician, raised by a single mother Theresa and his father Kiero, a troubled and colorful rock n’ roll roadie. Father and son have never met until Theresa hums a melody she has carried for 30 years. A musical thread unravels and a reckoning begins.

Last Call for Babe Reilly
by Marianne Driscoll
Babe Reilly would say he was relatively generous of spirit before he was hit by a Q111 bus; he did always tip the New York barkeeps after all. However, that may not be enough to convince the staff at the Pearly Gates to let him through to the other side. Luckily for him, a small twist of fate involving a Ouija board, a cat and an intuitive young girl named Penny may give him the second chance he needs.

The Double Bass
by Sean Gormley
In Sean Gormley's world premiere translation of Patrick Süskind's acclaimed play The Double Bass, this double bassist confronts his shortcomings as he wrestles with the instrument that dominates his life and handicaps his efforts to attract the woman of his dreams.

by Bernard McMullen & Colin Hamell
Life is short. Especially if you’re a bee. Not long to make honey, prop up the human food chain and to fall in love. Bumbled brings you on a one person, bee-twerking, Irish slow-dancing, sex dodging, odyssey where "too late, often comes sooner than you think".

by Tim McGillicuddy
Set in Galway and anchored in two Irish institutions: The Pub and The Church. One Woman's return home to face the past and find the future.

The Worst Cafe in the World
We cordially invite you to the opening of our cafe—there are no meals, per se, but there is a menu of theatrical bites to amuse your bouche. We're cooking up a selection of pieces, some salty, some sweet and some completely unexpected, and you get to choose all your courses. Join us for a surprising, satisfying and silly night out at this American premiere collaboration between Northern Ireland’s Big Telly and Philadelphia’s Tiny Dynamite. You'll be seated and provided with a menu from which you'll choose a series of theatrical moments from our performer-servers—small bites for yourself, entrees for your table or sharing platters for the whole cafe. You might enjoy a monologue, a digital experience, a full-audience improvisation or something else entirely unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable.

Boann and the Well of Wisdom
by John Kearns
Boann and the Well of Wisdom is a poetic drama based on Boann, the Irish goddess of poetry who created the River Boyne. The young, spirited Boann and her father, Nechtan, run the White Cow pub atop a forbidden well. Boann wants to innovate while Nechtan wants the pub to remain as it is.

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