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Fresh Fruit Festival 2024

Opening Date: Apr 22, 2024

Closing Date: May 05, 2024

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Playing @

wild project

195 East 3rd St New York, NY 10009

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New York's preeminent LGBTQ arts festival returns for another season of exciting work on stage, on film and on the air. The Fresh Fruit Festival 2024 Main-Stage will premiere a dozen new works exploring the LGBTQ experience.

Established in 1991, All Out Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to bringing together the diverse artistic, organizational, political and financial resources of the LGBTQ community in order to fight intolerance. All Out Arts fulfills its mission by supporting arts organizations within the community through fiscal sponsorship, events, contests, collaborations, networking events for emerging artists and by sponsoring productions, concerts and exhibitions of visual arts. They confront homophobia through the humanizing influence of the arts, and the Fresh Fruit Festival is the primary expression of the All Out Arts mission.

The Fresh Fruit Festival was the creation of two long established LGBT community arts groups: New Village Productions and All Out Arts. Now the festival is presented by All Out Arts to celebrate the LGBTQ community's unique perspective, creativity & diversity—local, national and international—on stage, on film and on the air.

Events include:
Iggy Mitzner, a non-binary L.A. Public School Teacher, has been dating movie star, Fenway Cooper, for a year now, and not a soul knows about it. Fenway’s big break only complicates the arrangement.

The Memory Of
We begin in a memory. The past slowly melts into the present where we see Renee grieving Brianna’s death (or so we think), struggling to make a decision as to whether or not she should take her own life or how to move on.

Clara & Carmilla
Clara (she/they) discovers a vampire novel written before Dracula that follows a sapphic relationship between the vampire Carmilla and the main characters. Clara becomes obsessed with the novel and one night actually starts to see Carmilla.

Café Americano
Texas is a young accomplished playwright-actor-TV writer reeling from the premature death of his husband. He fled from New York to Paris to attempt to write his next play but meeting a barista’s husband complicates his world.

Ercolé & Megara (staged reading)
Ercolé & Megara is the story of a lesbian couple where the one partner is in transition from female to male and their journey as the one transitions physically and the other transitions emotionally and how they find their voices as a couple and independently.

Bigfoot, Angels and a Girl
An Evening of Three One-Acts

Board of Ed
A comedy following Connor and Dana, two aimless millennials as they go from serving at a gastropub to whipping up a chaotic run for the board of education in Allendale, New Jersey.

La Pucelle
A folk retelling of the final days of the life of Joan of Arc through a uniquely trans allegory.  

1001 Nights: Love Stories on Death Row (A Rock Opera)
Legendary storyteller, Scheherazad reborn as Shezadi, a queer, immigrant mother and abuse survivor who shares stories about her life and folklore from her culture in order to remain sane during her imprisonment and impending execution.

Goddess of The Hunt
Martinis. Murders. ... and Mothers. A light comedy about dark people leading private lives in public places.

How To Break Up a Wedding
A comedy where we see Margaret, Julie, and Tonya; three sisters who, despite their differences, collaborate and carry out every possible plot, plan, and scheme to break up their brother’s wedding.

Short Shorts
An Evening of Four Short Plays

The Original 10-Minute Play Competition FINALS
The eight finalists of the Fresh Fruit Festival 10-Minute Play Competition compete for the grand prize! 

Performance Schedule:

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