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Das Ersatz

Opening Date: Jun 06, 2024

Closing Date: Jun 16, 2024

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Playing @

The Brick

579 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

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In Das Ersatz, Travis Amiel and Cosimo Pori star as two run-of-the-mill clowns going to work, getting fired, losing friends and making new ones. They just want to do their best, but they fail every time! It feels like everything is replaceable, them most of all. But is everything truly expendable or is expendability the essence of being alive?

Das Ersatz combines electrifying dance sequences with the ancient wisdom of memes as our (un)loveable clowns embody their dizzyingly contradictory desires…if only they’d listen to their mothers! A prismatic assemblage of Bob Fosse, Vaporwave and Pina Bausch, among many others; Das Ersatz exists at the intersection of tofu, margarine and immaterial labor.

Through Amiel and Pori’s unique blend of misquoted pop culture and queer 😜 dance theatre, Das Ersatz challenges the binary of free will and determinism: for you can always make a change if you know that you’re terrible…but what if you just don’t know how terrible you’ve become? Are we living in the best of times or the blurst of times?

Audience Advisory:

Contains fog/haze, cigarette smoke, bright colored flashing/strobing lights and loud music. Includes content related to sex, eating habits, drug use and features partial nudity.

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$22 - $52



Same level as theatre. The bathroom has a grab bar and an ADA compliant door width, but the ground is somewhat uneven inside of the bathroom.

Directions Subway

L to Lorimer or the G to Metropolitan and walk half a block


Seats 70.

Visual Assistance


Water Fountain

Concession Stand on same level as theatre.

Box Office

Unless otherwise posted on the event, doors open 30 minutes prior to curtain and a waitlist is kept for sold out performances in person at the box office. Any unclaimed tickets for sold out performances will be resold at curtain time.

Wheelchair Info

The Brick Theater is a ground level garage converted into a theater. There is a permanent ramp to the performance area, which is a little less than a foot up from the ground level.

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By Subway:

L to Lorimer or the G to Metropolitan and walk half a block

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