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(holy) BLOOD

Opening Date: May 16, 2024

Closing Date: May 25, 2024

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580 Sackett St Unit A - Ground floor Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Theater Mitu’s (holy) BLOOD is about obsession…Our guilty obsession with a 1989, cult, B-horror film. Our gory obsession with fake blood pyrotechnics. Our sonic obsession with experimental electronic music. Our hopeful obsession that even the deepest of injuries can heal. 

Part live-scored silent film, part irreverent midnight movie—(holy) BLOOD creates an entirely original sonic landscape to accompany manipulated pieces of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult-classic film Santa Sangre. Violently shattered across screens and accompanied by explosive blood choreography, the work remaps a story of circuses, blood cults, madness and forgiveness.

Created by Kayla Asbell, Stivo Arnoczy, Cinthia Chen, Denis Butkus, Dana Haynes, Alex Hawthorn, Michael Littig, Justin Nestor, Rubén Polendo, Monica Sanborn, Scott Jumawan-Spahr, Corey Sullivan and Ada Westfall.

Audience Advisory:

(holy) BLOOD depicts a story of characters undertaking, at times, horrific and violent actions that highlight gender binaries as well insensitive, ableist, phobic and/or misogynist views. The intent is not to advocate for these viewpoints, but rather to present them as a dark and troubling part of the human experience—and, in so doing, explore spaces of healing and reconciliation. Please note that this production contains: simulated violence, sexual situations, challenging language and adult subject matter including explorations of death, trauma, incest, sexual violence, abuse, mental illness, as well as loud sounds (including simulated sounds and acts of violence), bright flashing lighting effects and haze. Please also note that this piece presents contained effects of simulated blood.

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Added performance May 25 @ 2 PM

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A C or R to Jay St - MetroTech B N D or Q to Atlantic Ave / Barclays Center


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None on premises

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Venue is wheelchair accessible


Street level entrance

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